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pawpaw season

PawPaw Season is Here Again

Every year Pawpaw season blooms for a few fleeting weeks starting in late August before disappearing just as quickly as it came. For many who know and love this indigenous fruit, pawpaw season is an exciting time highlighting the close of summer and the beginning of fall, but for most the pawpaw and its rich American history comes and goes without notice….

Heritage Turkey Project

A Closer Look: The Heritage Turkey Project

…year after year it is the Heritage Turkey Project that remains our most important intervention into the American food supply. For one, Frank Reese and his turkeys truly are one of a kind — no one breeds poultry better than Frank who stays true to 19th century Poultry Standards of Perfection.

Meet Frank Reese, the most respected American poultry breeder alive today.

Photo: Jim Richardson
Photo: Jim Richardson

Frank Reese of Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch is considered the godfather of American poultry. He is a fourth generation poultry farmer from Lindsborg, Kansas. For nearly all his life, Frank has maintained a keen interest in American heritage turkeys. The New York Times’ Kim Severson writes of Frank: “Only someone with a trained eye can pick the best toms and hens to breed, and Mr. Reese is considered the best of the few people in the country who can do it.” He is also the only one with a flock whose genetic line can be traced back to the late 1800s. Frank Reese’s heritage turkeys are universally proclaimed the most delicious in America thanks to his expertise breeding the Standard Bronze, Bourbon Red, White Holland,Black, Narragansett and Slate. Frank’s birds are pasture raised on the Kansas prairie and are never fed antibiotics. Intense, dark and rich with a steakish, balanced flavor and distinctive finish, heritage turkeys are unlike regular turkey in every way.

This Week in Radio

A Look Back at This Week in Radio

Hey all you summer cats and beach kittens! The warm weather has arrived and it’s time to head out and enjoy those few extra hours of sunlight! So whether you’re planning a day at the park, or laying out pool side, we thought we’d leave you with this weeks not to miss stories from Heritage Radio Network. Grab your towels, pack a picnic basket, and tune in for the most up to date conversations about food, culture, policy, and trends.

The Carnivores Manifesto Magic Meat Tour Full Photo Gallery!

It’s time to ditch the Sansabelt’s™ and get back to work…

But not before one more trip down memory lane!

Oregon was a blast. I couldn’t recommend the scenic drive up highway 101 more. The Redwoods are an experience everyone should have at least once in there lifetime. The shear scale of the trees is something that can only be experienced in person.

We were hosted at Vanilla Jill’s Yogurt Shop in Eugene where we were met by a wonderful crowd with a great energy. Father Daniel showed us around town and even took us on a tour of Ninkasi Brewery!

After Eugene we headed up to Portland. Father Daniel joined us for this final leg of the trip. Patrick appeared on AM Northwest which was exciting and then it was off to Pastaworks for a book signing.

Our Magical Meat Tour ended the best way possible, surrounded by friends and family– sharing food, stories, and good times. Our good friends Becca and Ethan and their two sons Owen and Sulley had us over for a BBQ at their home. It was perfect and relaxing and just what we needed after 10 days on the road.

We are happy to be able to share our experience and are grateful for all of our friends, loyal customers, and partnering restaurants who were able to come out and support us!

Enjoy these photos from our trip.

The Carnivore’s Manifesto Magical Meat Tour Update & Gallery!

We are on the road promoting Patrick Martins’ new book The Carnivore’s Manifesto!

We kicked off the tour Thursday in San Francisco at Americano Bar and Restaurant for a book signing on the patio with executive chef Josh Perez. On Friday, we made our way to Fatted Calf Charcuterie to visit Taylor and Toponia and the rest of their crew. They then  joined us for a dinner hosted at 18 Reasons. Sam, the owner of Bi-Rite Market, and Chili, who is their head meat purchaser, prepared an amazing meal of braised heritage pork shoulder with salsa verde and fresh panzanella salad. Michelle is in charge of organizing all the events and dinners at 18 Reasons and lead a discussion with Patrick, Mike Edison, Sam, Chili, Taylor, and Erin Fairbanks, about Patrick’s book and why sustainable and humane meat is important to each of them.

Saturday was our busiest day so far. We started our morning visiting Thomas, the owner of the famed Roli Roti catering and food trucks. Patrick names Thomas in his book as the maker of the single best sandwich in America! He was excited to show us around the new facility he is designing to serve as a production and distribution center for all of the fresh produce and heritage meat that he sources.  We then fought through the crowds at the Ferry Plaza’s Saturday Marketplace to taste one of his porchetta sandwiches straight from the Roli Roti truck parked there. It did not disappoint! Patrick stopped by Ferry Plaza Book Passage for a quick reading, and Mike Edison serenaded the crowd with a meat-centric set list and a rousing performance on his theremin.

After Book Passage, the Carnivore’s crew was hosted for dinner, drinks, and a music performance by the New Meat City Ramblers at Angelo Garro’s Renaissance Forge. Angelo is a Bay Area artist, wine maker, and expert maker of charcuterie. He is also the man responsible for creating the famed Omnivore Salt. We were joined by our closest friends and family for a truly special evening of good food, good wine (thanks to Mercy Wines), and great company.  Renato Sardo and Dario Barbone, owners of Baia Pasta, and old friends of Patrick’s from Slow Food days brought out plate after plate of fresh pasta as we watched Italy in their first World Cup match.

Sunday was spent in Napa at Long Meadow Ranch & Farmstead Restaurant. Chef Stephen Barber got to hang out with us all day. Farm to Table Manager, Kipp Ramsey was their with his lovely wife, Erin, and their new baby boy to help us celebrate the book and Father’s Day. We listened to live music; ate delicious heritage ribs and pulled pork; and carved into one of  S. Wallace Edwards & Sons’ Surry-ano Ham that owner, Sam Edwards III, sent to Farmstead in celebration of Patricks’ Book publication. We finished our day at Cain Vineyard & Winery, where Chris Howell gave us an impromptu tour of the vines and his wife, Katie, prepared a dinner that we shared on their patio overlooking the Napa Valley sunset.

We spent Monday meandering up the coast of California making our way north along 101 towards Eugene, Oregon. We enjoyed the beautiful views of the California and Oregon coastline and stopped to tour the Red Woods along the way. Today should be a wonderful day. We are staying with Father Daniel and his wife Maria and their daughter Lucy.

Father Daniel is a community leader and priest at St. John the Wonderworker Serbian Orthodox Church in Eugene. He is an old friend of Patrick’s from graduate school. We have plans to tour the city, visit the new brewery, and attend a book signing this evening. After today, the tour continues north to Portland!

Stay tuned for more updates and photos to come! 

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