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2015 Heritage Turkey Flock

Every morning it’s the same routine for poultry farmer Frank Reese. Frank walks several thousand turkeys from their barn out to pasture, where they spend the day foraging in the rolling Kansas plains. In the evening he opens the large barn doors, cuing the flock to head indoors where they can roost safely for the night.

Exercise and access to natural forage help to keep heritage turkeys strong and healthy. It also enables the birds to develop fat, nutritional content, and flavor. Not too long ago this was how all turkeys were raised, but Frank has gone to great lengths to preserve traditional standards of raising turkeys. Each year, as his flock is developing, he closely watches the birds mature. At the end of the season Frank will select the individuals with the most desirable traits to parent the next generation.

This yearly cycle drives the sustainability of Frank’s operation. All of his turkeys mate naturally, have a long and productive lifespan, and develop at a healthy rate – simple traits that really allow his flock to stand out from commodity production.

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TIE BABY, TIE! The Subtle Art of Tying a Roast.

So you just bought a beautiful piece of meat and you want to roast it. What do you need to know?

There are two main reasons for tying (or trussing) a roast. The first of course, because you stuffed it and you’d like for all that delicious stuffing to stay exactly where you put it. The second reason though, may be less obvious.

Heat has a beautiful way of breaking things down. When you expose your roast to heat, the fat and connective tissues start to break down. While this process provides for a juice and tender final result, it takes away from the original structure of the meat. What was once a beautiful, robust hunk a meat ends up looking flat and kinda sad– not to mention that its new irregular shape will cause it to cook unevenly, leaving you with side bits that are over done and dried out.

Trussing your roast with cotton butchers twine is the perfect way to ensure a juicy and beautiful final result.

Chef de Cuisine Matt Abdoo from Del Posto Ristorante recently taught us how to truss a roast using the classic approach known as the continuous knot technique.

Don’t worry, we tried it ourselves and we promise it’s easier then you think!

Be sure to leave any questions in the comments section, and GOOD LUCK!



It’s Brisket’s time!

Available just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.
March is the season for brisket!
Our brisket is fresh for 1 week only
and comes from 100% uncrossed purebred Akaushi.

FRESH Brisket, one 6lb roast Akaushi

One 6lb Akaushi & One 6lb Simmental Brisket

One 6lb Akaushi, One 6lb Simmental
& One 9lb Piedmontese Brisket

Butcher your own steaks! Video Tutorial with Chef Matt Abdoo.

Butcher your own steaks to size with our revered Akaushi/Angus roasts in a new, more versitile size! Our 4lb roasts will be available fresh for
1 week only!

At Del Posto with Chef Matt Abdoo from Heritage Foods USA on Vimeo.

Ribeye Roast about 4 lbs, feeds 4 to 8. Akaushi/Angus  $110

Strip Roast about 4 lbs, feeds 4 to 8. Akaushi/Angus  $110

Tenderloin Roast about 3 lbs, feeds 4-6 Akaushi/Angus $120

Our revered Akaushi/Angus beef is now available as fresh 3 – 4lb roasts, perfect for 4-8 people. Roast it whole or custom cut your own steaks with nothing more than a sharp knife. Butcher to spec and freeze the rest! Order today as supplies are limited! Roasts are available fresh for 1 week only.
While there are many variations on what can be called Wagyu, ours is the result of a mixing of the revered Akaushi breed (or Japanese red cow) with America’s mighty Angus. Our Akaushi are sourced from the very same family of farms that first brought the breed to the States, Akaushi being perhaps the most marbled beef in the world. The beef is fed no antibiotics or added hormones and is pasture-raised and grain-finished.
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