2015 Heritage Turkey Flock

Every morning it’s the same routine for poultry farmer Frank Reese. Frank walks several thousand turkeys from their barn out to pasture, where they spend the day foraging in the rolling Kansas plains. In the evening he opens the large barn doors, cuing the flock to head indoors where they can roost safely for the […]

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Ribs Summer Rib Recipe

We think of ribs as the quintessential summer party fare – they stand up to a ton of flavor and are easily prepared ahead of time. Low and slow is the name of the game. In a pinch ribs can be cooked within an hour, but if you have the time to cook them for several you will be truly rewarded. Here’s our go-to technique for ribs that will set the bar to a whole new level.

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Slow Meat Symposium 2015

A vegan, a butcher and a cow walk into a room… And started talking     From Thursday, June 4th through Saturday, June 6th over 200 delegates from 40 states and 12 nations gathered in Denver for roundtable discussions aimed at progressively revitalizing a meat system that is currently wasteful, inhumane, and… well, not as […]

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Ted's Ribeye Collection Ribeye Tasting with Ted

We were thrilled when we opened the dining section of The New York Times on June 10th to find a wonderful write up by Florence Fabricant about our new Ultimate Ribeye Collection. She was complementary about the both quality and uniqueness of each steak selected for the collection and recommended the package as a great gift for Dad this Fathers Day!

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Heritage Foods USA at Slow Meat 2015

Heritage Foods USA is headed to Denver this week to participate in the Slow Meat Symposium, engaging with over 200 stakeholders in the American meat supply chain. The event runs June 4th through 6th with a number of events designed to push the boundaries in how we think about raising, processing, and consuming meat. Slow […]

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The Renaissance Forge The Great Artisanal Ham Tasting 2015

In 2014 the team at S. Wallace Edwards & Sons invited us to co-host a tasting of exquisite long aged prosciutto style hams. The kind of hams Parma, Italy has made famous, but these hams were not from Europe. They came from all over the US, from producers who have been practicing traditional curing techniques for many generations. The […]

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