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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

We are proud to have been given the right by world-renowned Poet Laureate Mark Strand to use a short panegyric in our weekly email! While we have nothing against vegetarians, we do appreciate any famous writer who brings attention to meat!

January is a time for health and moderation, after a caloric filled holiday season! Please enjoy our weekly special on American Tuna, some of the best tuna the oceans have to offer. American tuna is low in mercury and line-caught. Our special of free cans of garlic continues for one more week!

Hand-chopped fresh garlic is added to the finest center cuts of this fatty fish. Only the finest center cuts of this fatty fish are filleted and hand-packed, cooked in their own juices, giving it a deep buttery flavor and creamy texture. The American Tuna fishermen catch tuna that are 2-5 years old, so the mercury level in them is minimal to non-existent. Omega-3 rich, lean and protein-packed with no carbohydrates and no additives, no fillers, no broth or water, this tuna truly deserves the Heritage label. It is "once cooked" in its own natural juices so you can eat it right out of the can.

While Albacore tuna may not be endangered per se, the methods used by American Tuna certainly are. It is those methods and attention to detail that give the tuna such an incredible flavor. Only the finest hook & line caught Gourmet #1 Sashimi grade Albacore fillets are used for their canned tuna that hails from the Pacific waters off the coast of San Diego, California and Oregon.

Omega-3 rich, lean protein-packed Albacore is good for your health!

Allow 5 days for ground delivery.

Offer of free cans for 1 more week only!

American Tuna Fresh Garlic (24 pack) - 12 Free 6-oz cans!
Twenty-four 6-oz cans + twelve fee. - Price: $130.00

American Tuna Fresh Garlic (Six pack) + Three Free Tins!
Six 6-oz tins plus three free - Price: $45.00

American Tuna Fresh Garlic (Twelve pack) + Six Free Tins!
Twelve 6-oz tins plus six free - Price: $76.00

American Tuna Sampler (Twelve pack)
Twelve 6-oz tins - Price: $76.00

American Tuna Sampler (24 pack)
Twenty-four 6-oz tins - Price: $135.00

American Tuna Sea Salt (Six pack)
Six 6-oz tins - Price: $45.00

American Tuna Sea Salt (24 pack)
Twenty-four 6-oz tins - Price: $135.00

American Tuna No Salt (Six pack)
Six 6-oz tins - Price: $45.00

American Tuna No Salt (24 pack)
Twenty-four 6-oz tins - Price: $135.00

American Tuna Jalapeño (Six pack)
Six 6-oz tins - Price: $45.00

American Tuna Jalapeño (24 pack)
Twenty-four 6-oz tins - Price: $135.00

American Tuna Sea Salt (Twelve pack)
Twelve 6-oz tins - Price: $76.00

American Tuna No Salt (Twelve pack)
Twelve 6-oz tins - Price: $76.00

American Tuna Jalapeño (Twelve pack)
Twelve 6-oz tins - Price: $76.00


• A bi-weekly heritageradionetwork.com recap •

     Jan 2011


Tune in to The Speakeasy, every Wednesday at 3PM, where host Damon Boelte will discuss cocktails, spirits, wine, beer, tea, coffee and all things in the liquid universe, with guests ranging from bartenders and brewers, alchemists and ambassadors, roasters and regulars, and every expert and enthusiast in between. Learn from some of the world's leading experts in mixology, bar history, distillation and brewing about how we enjoy imbibing today. 

Damon Boelte is a classic cocktails and spirits aficionado, enthusiastically focusing on the works of legendary 19th and early 20th Century bartenders and authors such as Jerry Thomas, Harry Johnson, Charles H. Baker, Hugo Ensslin and Jacques Straub, as well as modern authors including David Wondrich, Dale DeGroff, Gaz Regan and Beachbum Berry, while also creating and developing his own cocktail recipes and bar methods.  He has consulted for many bars and restaurants in New York City and beyond, and is currently is the bar director for critically heralded Prime Meats restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. His background includes working for the world-famous LeNell's LTD spirits shop, where he worked with LeNell Smothers, teaching classes on Bourbon & cheese, wine, bitters and rare spirits. He has worked with many spirits and beverage companies such as Maker's Mark, Plymouth Gin, Tito's Vodka, Corzo Tequila, the American Gin Company, Highland Park and Stumptown Coffee. You can read about his cocktails and techniques in New York Magazine, The New York TImes, Time Out, Imbibe Magazine, GQ, Edible Brooklyn & Manhattan, Saveur, Bon Appetit, La Cucina Italiana, Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, Eater.com, Tastingtable.com & seriouseats.com.

  • This January, responsibly dispose of your old electronics at one of ten eWaste Recycling Events, held across four boroughs of New York City, hosted by Tekserve and the Lower East Side Ecology Center.  Computers, printers, monitors, and lots of other electronics are being accepted for safe and proper recycling.  Visit tekserve.com/recycling for more information and drop-off location details.
  • On Jan. 23 in New York, COCHON 555 kicks off its 10-city national culinary competition promoting heritage breed pigs and breed diversity.  The tasting event will challenge 5 chefs, including Brad Farmerie of Public, Peter Hoffman of Savoy, Bill Telepan of Telepan Restaurant, George Mendes of Aldea and Sean Rembold of Marlow & Sons, to prepare a nose to tail menu created from 5 heritage breed pigs. Pig-loving epicureans will have a chance to sample these dishes along with wines from 5 different small wineries, including Scholium Project, Alysian Winery, Elk Cove Vineyards, Copain Wine Cellars and Failla Wines, as well as the opportunity to help select the “King or Queen of Porc.”  In addition, guests will be treated to whole pig breakdown demonstrations, followed by a whole roasted heritage breed pig and dessert.  General admission tickets start at $125pp and are available at www.Cochon555.com.
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