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Good Shepherd Ranch is known for its turkey, but it also produces genetically pure and delicious Chickens, Ducks, and African Geese which were processed last week! These birds are like the ones your Grandparents might have known and require a cooking technique that is low and slow. Cooked in this way these poultry items have an unbelievable taste you will never forget.

Chickens and Ducks will arrive in time for the big game this weekend, geese will arrive fresh next Tuesday through Friday!

Remember, the more you add to your cart the cheaper shipping becomes!

Goose – Fresh!
Cook to a temperature of 165 °F as measured using a food thermometer or 10 degrees less according to the 200 chefs with whom we work.

The Brown African Goose is a delectable and unusual option for the poultry lover. Geese are easy to cook, requiring nothing but a roasting pan and a rack. Like all heritage breeds, the goose needs slow, gentle cooking for a crisp skin and a succulent moist interior. Adding potatoes and vegetables to the pan to cook in that sumptuous and silky goose fat is the lagniappe that makes this a truly outstanding meal. By the way, goose fat is traditionally used for making confit; as a medium for frying potatoes; or even just cooking an egg, so never throw it away!!  Absolutely everything tastes better cooked in goose fat, just ask Escoffier! 

Special Price!
Goose 7-8lbs - $85
Goose 8-9lbs - $92
Goose 9-10lbs - $98

Cook to a temperature of 165 °F as measured using a food thermometer or 10 degrees less according to the 200 chefs with whom we work.

The Muscovy Duck is best served rare to medium rare. Like the goose, we recommend simply cooking it in a pan on a rack! It is so delicious it needs little else. Muscovy Ducks are a long-standing breed, and have been part of the diet for many centuries. There are still feral flocks here and abroad, and strangely, though these ducks originate from the tropics, they do very well in cold climates. They are the only ducks that roost in trees in the wild.

Muscovy Duck - 5-6lb - $69
Muscovy Duck - 6-7lb - $78

Cook to a temperature of 165 °F as measured using a food thermometer or 10 degrees less according to the chefs with whom we work.

Heritage Chickens are muscular and nowhere near as fatty as commodity birds. Their natural forage diet guarantees a better, healthier, leaner meal rich in nutrients and lower in saturated fats than their supermarket counterparts. So enjoy these birds with the knowledge that they are both good to eat and good for you. If not your favorite chicken ever, your money back!

Heritage Chicken Sampler
Eight 3 lb chickens, two each of four breeds, wrapped individually - $188

This package allows you to taste chickens that are richly flavored with velvety flesh that will completely alter your expectations of chicken. Once you have tasted them all you can decide which breed suits your taste and needs the best. In this sampler, we offer four different and distinct breeds: the Plymouth Rock, one of the oldest breeds in America, the Jersey Giant, perfect for roasting, the New Hampshire, a cousin to the Rhode Island Red, and the Cornish Game, an English breed with darker meat and a fuller flavor profile. All our chickens are pasture raised without hormones and antibiotics from a Certified Humane facility.

All Offering Below Include Two 3 lb chickens, wrapped individually - $55

Jersey Giant Chickens
Frank Reese chose this breed, the Jersey Giant, to illustrate the diversity of heritage chicken breeds. The Jersey Giant is a slow growing bird (it takes 24-28 weeks to reach market weight, as compared to the Plymouth’s 16-18 weeks). A larger chicken with silky and rich meat, this is the perfect chicken for roasting. Dress it simply so you can taste its natural flavors.

New Hampshire Chickens
The New Hampshire is a descendant of the Rhode Island breed. Like their less blocky relative the Plymouth Rock, they are a dual-purpose chicken, known both for their eggs and delicious, very fleshy but smooth meat.

Plymouth Rock Chickens
The 150-year-old Plymouth Rock, is the ultimate broiler chicken; it is also a member of the American Poultry’s Standards of Perfection. This was the original chicken produced in the United States.

Cornish Game Chickens
The Cornish Game, a breed from England, arrived in America in the 19th Century, and was developed solely for its meat. That meat, darker than your average chicken meat, is robust and firm, with a flavor slightly reminiscent of game.


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