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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter!

Right now we have 100 Heritage Breed Rabbits available – these are the best rabbits in the United States. Rare Hare rabbits in Kansas are exceptionally tender, delicate in flavor, and succulent. They weigh roughly 2.5lbs each, packed two rabbits to an order for $95.00. One rabbit feeds two people.  This comes to about $23 a person, about what a restaurant main course of rabbit would cost. Rabbits like these are only available a few times a year.

Rabbit is absurdly easy to prepare as a braised dish, a stew or an oven pan roast. Lightly browned and then finished in a Dutch oven or roasting pan, with some white or red wine, aromatic herbs, and vegetables, dinner is ready in 45 minutes, while you relax with a glass of wine, waiting for a truly memorable restaurant quality meal. 


1 Liter (1.06 quarts) in Beautiful Glass Bottle
$45 including delivery
--- Only a Limited Supply - Order today!!
Delivery at the end of March when the sap runs  (we will notify you of exact delivery date before shipping)

In late March, Dan, Andrea, Patrick and the Heritage Team are traveling to the coldest reaches of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to help the Cantor family tap sugar maple trees. Then the maple sap will flow down to the Sugarhouse where it is boiled gently over a wood fire, just as it has been for generations. Just a few days later this Grade A Amber Syrup will be poured into beautiful glass jugs and sent to you for pancakes, waffles, desserts, glazing hams, or just drinking by the spoonful!

-Each shipment will include a CD explaining the process!
-Follow us on YouTube while we work and bottle!
-Click here to hear Heritage Radio Network host Lindia Pelaccio talk about maple syrup on her show A Taste of the Past (Thursdays 12-12:30)


18oz Ribeye – 4 individually wrapped pieces - $99
12oz Strips – 4 steaks, 2/pk - $69

Piedmontese beef is sold at some of the best restaurants in the country!
Click here for a list of restaurants that sell Heritage Foods USA beef and pork!

Remember, the more you ADD TO YOUR CART, the more you save on shipping!


Nastassia Lopez
Museum of Food and Drink
626 991-1527

Culinary luminaries join forces to host a fundraising lunch to support the creation of the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD)

New York, NY, – Dave Arnold, Director of Culinary Technology at the French Culinary Institute, and Patrick Martins, Co-Founder of Heritage Foods USA, have gathered a team of New York’s most innovative chefs and bartenders to create a nine course fundraiser lunch at Del Posto, on Sunday, March 27th. Their intent: to kick-start the greatest food museum in the world.
The menu for this unprecedented event is derived from the educational themes of the museum. Chefs will draw inspiration from sources outside their normal sphere. How would a cutting edge chef handle the Paleolithic, or a dish using only Pre-Columbian ingredients? What would a modern Italian chef do with ancient Rome?

The Chefs and Themes:
Dave Chang, Momofuku: American Food circa 1491
Wylie Dufresne, WD-50: Cave Man Food
Mark Ladner, Del Posto: Ancient Rome
Nils Noren, French Culinary Institute: Fad Diets
Cesare Casella, Salumeria Rosi: Shriveled Meats (don’t worry, we mean salumi)
Carlo Mirarchi, Roberta’s: New York Food in the Early 1800’s
Brooks Headley, Del Posto: Hebrew Food in Italy
Christina Tosi, Momofuku Milk Bar: Space Food

Top bartenders will pair a coinciding specialty cocktail between courses.

The Bartenders:
Audrey Saunders, Pegu Club
Thomas Waugh, Death & Co., NYC
Jamie Gordon, Pernod Ricard
Damon Boelte, Prime Meats
Eben Klemm, BR Guest Restaurants

Proceeds from this event will directly support The Museum of Food and Drink (Tax exempt status pending). Hors d'oeuvres and silent auction starts at 1pm. Sit-down lunch and merriment to follow. Tickets are limited. Festive attire - $250 per ticket. To purchase tickets please visit: http://mofad.eventbrite.com.

The Museum of Food and Drink, conceived by food technology expert Dave Arnold, will be a private, nonprofit, corporation dedicated to educating its visitors about the history, culture, production, commerce and science of food. MOFAD’s goal is to become the country's best food educator-- an establishment that encourages a well-rounded understanding of what we eat and why we eat it. Visitors will enjoy historical tastings, international immersive settings, world class exhibitions, chef presentations, and equipment and scientific demonstrations.

MOFAD will encourage a widespread appreciation and understanding of lost and endangered culinary arts: recipes, techniques and regional ingredients. It will connect people to what they eat by explaining food production and distribution.

Sponsored by: Pernod Ricard, Heritage Foods USA, Pat La Frieda Meats, Barterhouse Wines, Del Posto Restaurant

Heritage Foods USA
The Source for Authentic American Heritage Foods

Heritage Foods USA has been featured as a Company of the Year in Bon Appetit, House & Garden, Newsweek, Saveur Magazine and The New York Times Magazine.

Contact us with questions or ideas, look out for weekly announcements and read new recipes, by visiting: www.HeritageFoodsUSA.com.

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