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The porterhouse pork chop as you may not know contains two cuts of the pig in one piece. The porterhouse chop is made up of a portion of the tenderloin, the tenderest part of the pig, and the eye of the loin, just like a beef porterhouse steak. The Recession Special is a great value on what is normally a more expensive part of the pig.

Because we keep the bone on there is a distinct flavor added that you can’t get with boneless cuts. You can expect an 1/8 of an inch fat cap in addition to the heavy marbling within.

The porterhouse chop is a thick cut, ideal for grilling as we enter into the spring months.

We did so well on our porterhouse special this past week that we are backordered. We’ve increased the number of pigs we are bringing in to the abattoir so we can continue to offer this promotion. Place your order today to receive your chops the week of March 15th.

Fifteen 14oz porterhouse pork chops - five per pack - $90 shipping included ($6/chop)

Thirty 14oz porterhouse pork chops - five per pack - $160 shipping included ($5.33/chop)


A team of do it yourself proponents, all friends of Heritage Foods USA, made it to Virginia this past weekend to help a farmer build the infrastructure he needed to expand his production of rare breeds.

Stay tuned for more news regarding this small success in the resurgence of rare breeds in Old Dominion.

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