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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Triggerfish are running off the coast of the Carolina's and the Heritage Team is driving down to work with local fisherman Dave Tucker to pack and ship them right off the boat. That's right! The first of a series of Fresh Catch seafood buys is about to happen, thanks to our excellent partners, Sean and Michael Dimin of Sea2Table. Our Triggerfish are wild and sustainably managed and harvested. Supplies will be limited so order early - Starting Next Week!

Maple Syrup is flowing in trees across New England and the Heritage Team is traveling to the great state of Vermont to help the Cantor family tap sugar maple trees and gently boil it over a wood fire in the Sugarhouse. Just a few days later this Grade A Amber Syrup will be poured into beautiful glass jugs and sent with a short video explaining the process. "This golden amber syrup balances caramel and vanilla with a hearty, robust taste," says Stephan Cantor.

1 Liter (1.06 quarts) in Beautiful Glass Bottle
$45 including delivery
--- Only a Limited Supply -
Delivery at the end of March when the sap runs 


Buy these for the easiest and most elegant of dinners. Sauteed or broiled, the filets are mouthwateringly tender with the exceptional flavor that characterizes grassfed and grain-finished beef. Our 8oz offerings amounts to under $20 per person. Wrapped in a slice of our Heritage bacon, and you have a masterful creation rivaling a top steakhouse!

4 8oz filets, 2/pack -- $70
8 8oz filets, 2/pack -- $130


Ribeye Roast, Boneless, Piedmontese Beef - 10-12lbs - $220
Burger, Piedmontese Beef - Twenty-Four 8oz patties - $155

Porterhouse Pork Chops - Fifteen 14oz pieces - $96
Boneless Boston Butt, Berkshire or Red Wattle- 7.5lbs - $84
Skin off Pork Belly, Berkshire or Red Wattle - 9lbs - $75


Tickets are still available for the March 27 inaugural fundraiser at Del Posto for the ambitious new Museum of Food And Drink. The event will feature the talents of some of New York's best chefs and mixologists. Please take a look at the MOFAD website for more information on the event, participants, and ordering tickets.

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