March 15, 2010


We are proud to announce the formation of an alliance between Heritage Foods USA, Kaney Foods and the Hearst Ranch on the west coast, and Sam Edwards of S. Wallace Edwards and Sons on the east coast.  Thanks to this alliance we have regionalized our pork, beef, and poultry distribution system, allowing us to save on shipping costs and to pass this savings on to our customers. With shipping included, 43 out of 54 products in our pork, beef, and poultry lines have been reduced by an average of 14%, some by as much as 34%. This is our first step towards proving as false the notion that good, clean and fair food also has to be expensive.

Here are some sample items, what they used to cost, what they cost now, and your savings.
Combine shipping on multiple items to save even more:





Heritage Spare Ribs (7lb)

$92 Delivered ($13.14/lb)

$69 Delivered ($9.86/lb)

25% Savings

Heritage Boston Butt Bone-In (8lb)

$107 Delivered ($13.38/lb)

$84 Delivered ($10.50/lb)

21% Savings

Four Boneless 14oz Piedmontese Ribeye

$122 Delivered ($34.86/lb)

$98 Delivered ($28.00/lb)

19% Savings

Two Heritage Chickens (6lb)
(Four Different Breeds to Choose From)

$94 Delivered ($15.67/lb)

$77 Delivered ($12.83/lb)

18% Savings

Heritage Skin-off Belly (9lb)

$92 Delivered ($10.22/lb)

$77 Delivered ($8.56/lb)

16% Savings

Heritage Turkey (8-10lb)

$94 Delivered ($10.44/lb)

$75.20 Delivered ($8.36/lb)

20% Savings

Heritage Bone-in Fresh Ham (22lb)

$150 Delivered ($6.82/lb)

$122 Delivered ($5.55/lb)

18% Savings

Animal Welfare Approved Red Wattle
or Certified Humane Berkshire
¼ Hogs (35lb)

$350 Delivered ($10.00/lb)
$302 Delivered ($8.63/lb)

$306 Delivered ($8.74/lb)
$268 Delivered ($7.66/lb)

12% Savings
11% Savings

Piedmontese Beef Brisket (10lb)

$122 Delivered ($12.20/lb)

$108 Delivered ($10.80/lb)

11% Savings

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Thanks to our two new distribution centers, the barrier of entry has been lowered for more Americans to access meat that is antibiotic-free, pasture-raised, and genetically sound while providing a livable wage to a network of over 50 family farms and processors. As always, we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our product or your money back.

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