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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Easter is traditionally celebrated with a roast leg of lamb, spring peas, or asparagus and tiny new potatoes.  The lamb-at-Easter tradition came to America by way of our Italian, and Greek populations. For these Christians, lamb is symbolic of the religious aspect of the holiday, “the lamb of God”, as well as an acknowledgement of spring.   In fact, using lamb in this context is a cross over from the Jewish custom of Passover which was originally celebrated with a Temple offering of lamb, subsequently roasted and eaten, but now evoked with a lamb bone, along with the salt, bitter herbs, fresh greens, and an egg. As a celebration of the new season, and the beginning of fresh green vegetables, spring lamb is sufficient cause for a festive meal, or a gala dinner party, regardless of one’s religious leanings.

We also feature other delicious foods for those of you not in the mood for lamb! We hope you enjoy browsing some of our food offerings for the spring.

The Heritage Team

FRESH THIS WEEK ONLY! Order today and receive by Friday!

A Five Rib Pork Rack from Four Breeds, cut this week.

Try 5 center-cut pork chops from four breeds of pig: the Berkshire, Tamworth, Red Wattle and Duroc. The five-rib rack is a perfect way to celebrate an important occasion. The Rack Pack allows you to definitively find out what your favorite breed is by trying the most sought after and succulent cut of the pig! Cut some, freeze the rest, or else eat all at once in one massive breed tasting extravaganza. - $210 (Four 3.5lb center cut pork racks).

BONE-IN CURED HAM - $135 – 16lbs

A spectacular centerpiece for any event, this is a traditional smoked ham, Missouri Style, made from heritage breed Berkshire and Red Wattle pork for a super moist and buttery texture. Given a Maple Sugar glaze while it is smoked, this sweet and savory ham makes a great meal any time. Its fully cooked, so if you want it hot, just give it 30 minutes or so in the oven, or serve it cold at a picnic or event.

Our pork comes from Certified Humane Berkshire pigs or Animal Welfare Approved Red Wattle pigs and are processed at a Certified Humane facility. If you would like a Gloucestershire Old Spot, Mule Foot, Large Black or Tamworth pork please call Andrea or Ashley and ask when they are next on the schedule. We can be reached at 718-389-0985.

Whole Filet of Beef - $140 – 5-6lbs
Whole Boneless Ribeye - $220 – 10-12lbs
Whole Boneless Strip - $199 – 9-11lbs
Whole Beef Brisket - $130 – 10lbs
Half Beef Brisket - $70 – 5lbs

Our beef comes from the Piedmontese breed of cattle, which is currently used by hundreds of the best restaurants in the United States. Today, a network of family farms is raising these cattle naturally, on a pure vegetarian feed without antibiotics or hormones. Piedmontese beef has less fat and cholesterol than commodity beef. It is tender and delicious.


One of the oldest breeds in America, this fine lamb was originally brought to the US in 1799, and while only a few survived the trip, the Tunis has been crossed with American sheep to produce a very hardy and specialized breed. The Tunis is a rather diminutive sheep and the lambs are particularly tender and delicious. Our package offers a full array of options for lamb lovers, from the elegant rack, to chops, stew meat, shoulder, and leg. With shipping included, our price falls lower than you would think for the very best product. These lambs are raised in La Farge, Wisconsin by the Twomey family, members of the Wisconsin Farmers Union.

Sandstone Ridge Farm Tunis - 10-12lb - $220 – overnight shipping included
Rack of Lamb (1 lb)
Bone-in Leg (4 lbs)
Boneless Shoulder Roast (2 lbs)
2 Shanks (1 lb)
Loin Chops (1 lb)
Kebab/Ground (1-3 lbs)
Every part of a half lamb in its own individual cryo-vac.

Sandstone Ridge Farm Tunis - 18-20lbs - $303 – overnight shipping included
Rack of Lamb (2.5 lbs)
Bone-in Leg (6 lbs)
Boneless Shoulder Roast (4 lbs)
2 Shanks (2 lbs)
Rib Chops. 1.5 inches thick (2 lbs)
Ground (2 lbs)
Kebab (1.5 lbs)
Every part of a half lamb in its own individual cryo-vac.

Our Katahdin Lamb is raised in Tennesee by Chris and Ray Wilson. Grazed on lush Tennessee bluegrass and clover, the Katahdin has a mild, sweet, nutty taste. Because Katahdin is a hair sheep designed for meat production and not a wool sheep designed for wool production, it is light, tender and delicious. The half lamb brings a variety of cuts to the consumer, offering a wide range of preparations, and tasting experiences. Grilled, roasted, broiled, stewed, or made into kebabs, lamb has a dizzying number of applications. But perhaps best of all is the simplest where you can experience the rich taste of pasture-raised lamb on its own. Cuts include: the delicate rack to the succulent loin chops, meaty leg, user friendly lamb stew and ground lamb, the shanks, shoulder, and riblets.

Clover Creek Katahdin - 16-18lbs - $299 – overnight shipping included
1 Boneless shoulder (2lbs)
1 Bone-in leg (4lbs)
3 Sirloin bone-in chops (2lbs)
12 Rib and loin chops (4lbs, 4/package)
2 Shanks (2 lbs, 1lb each)
Riblets (1 1/2 lbs)
Neck Chops (2lb)
Ground (1-2lbs)
Every part of a half lamb in its own individual cryo-vac.


Delivery April 19th
5lbs – fresh filets - $86
Feeds 10-12 people

What's Triggerfish? Triggerfish is similar to John Dory and Turbot, in being a mild succulent fish, but its meat has also been likened to the sweet meat of scallops. It's a small fish found in tropical and southern waters. It has become immensely popular in Southern restaurants.

Recipe ideas are numerous. Here are a few we like:
Preheat oven to 450. Season the fillets with your favorite herbs/spices, salt and pepper. In a large, ovenproof saute pan, heat a 1/4 cup of olive oil. When the oil is hot, add the fillets, pretty side down first. Saute the fillets for 4 minutes on the first side and carefully flip over.  You could put a nice breadcrumb and herb crust when you flip the fish. Then let the fish finish cooking in the oven for 4-5 minutes.

If you fancy Asian style, steaming the fish for five minutes over a simmering pan of water or fish stock flavored with ginger, lemongrass, scallions, and a splash of soy and lemon juice on the fish, is delicious as well.
Triggerfish can also be prepared as a ceviche. First let the fish sit in limejuice for an hour, then drain, rinse, and dress with your favorite combo of herbs and crunchy vegetables. Jalapenos, red onion, red pepper dice, and a little mango with a healthy handful of cilantro, salt, pepper, and a good olive oil. Add another few squeezes of fresh lime to keep it zippy!

All the seafood we will offer we guarantee is sustainably caught. As a result, order delivery dates may vary. Heritage Foods USA has 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all its products.

Heritage Foods USA
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