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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

It is with great pride and joy that we feature for a final time in 2011 Half Lamb from our partners at Sandstone Ridge and Clover Creek farms. Every year for the past 5 years James and Lisa Twomey in Wisconsin and Chris Wilson is Tennessee patiently take dozens of calls from us here at Heritage to make sure the season’s shipments go off without a hitch. As the lambs are about to be processed, we salute our friends for months of hard work and encourage you to support them (and us!) by buying a Half Lamb if you have not already.

Our two featured breeds are the Tunis and the Katahdin. The Tunis is on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Watch List with fewer than 2,500 annual registrations in the United States. The Katahdin is on the Recovering List but still in need of monitoring. Both are purebred lamb and have spent their entire lives on pasture grazing on local grasses. The Tunis has a clean and lamby taste. The Katahdin being a hair sheep is very tasty but light on strong lamb overtones.

The half lamb is the most cost effective way of tasting these rare breeds while also participating in the whole carcass movement sweeping the United States. If you are not 100% satisfied, your money back! Questions? Call us at 718-389-0985.

The Heritage Team

Sandstone Ridge Farm Tunis - 10-12lb - $220 – overnight shipping included
Rack of Lamb (1 lb)
Bone-in Leg (4 lbs)
Boneless Shoulder Roast (2 lbs)
2 Shanks (1 lb)
Loin Chops (1 lb)
Kebab/Ground (1-3 lbs)
Every part of a half lamb in its own individual cryo-vac.

Clover Creek Katahdin - 16-18lbs - $299 – overnight shipping included
1 Boneless shoulder (2lbs)
1 Bone-in leg (4lbs)
3 Sirloin bone-in chops (2lbs)
12 Rib and loin chops (4lbs, 4/package)
2 Shanks (2 lbs, 1lb each)
Riblets (1 1/2 lbs)
Neck Chops (2lb)
Ground (1-2lbs)
Every part of a half lamb in its own individual cryo-vac.

Also Featured for Spring Festivities

RACK PACK! – A Five Rib Pork Rack from Four Breeds.
Try 5 center-cut pork chops from four breeds of pig: the Berkshire, Tamworth, Red Wattle and Duroc. The five-rib rack is a perfect way to celebrate an important occasion. The Rack Pack allows you to definitively find out what your favorite breed is by trying the most sought after and succulent cut of the pig! Cut some, freeze the rest, or else eat all at once in one massive breed tasting extravaganza.

BONE-IN CURED HAM - $135 – 16lbs

A spectacular centerpiece for any event, this is a traditional smoked ham, Missouri Style, made from heritage breed Berkshire and Red Wattle pork for a super moist and buttery texture. Given a Maple Sugar glaze while it is smoked, this sweet and savory ham makes a great meal any time. Its fully cooked, so if you want it hot, just give it 30 minutes or so in the oven, or serve it cold at a picnic or event.


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