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Dear Heritage Foods Supporter,

We have arrived to one of Heritage Foods USA's favorite seasons: Grilling Season! We are proud to offer you the following products to populate your grills and provide the very tastes that are experienced in the best restaurants in the United States!

Below this week's grilling offerings, we hope you enjoy a story and pictures from our recent trip to Beaufort North Carolina to ship Triggerfish.

The Heritage Team

Twenty-four 8oz Burgers - $155
Six 8oz Burgers - $40
Forty-eight 8oz Burgers - $300

These burgers are beyond delicious. You will be happy every time you pull one from the fridge knowing that you are about to sink your teeth into a something totally tasty.

Petite Medallion Steaks
Twenty 4oz Medallions - $79
Sixty 4oz Medallions - $205

These are mini-steaks so you can prepare them 100 ways or prepare them one way and add 100 different sauces. Some have said that the days of massive 18oz steaks are over and that diners are moving towards tapas style portions to diversify their dining experience. While we hope that is not the case (!), we are proud to offer the Medallion package to help keep your taste buds on their toes.

4-5lb Boneless Fully Cooked Hickory Smoked "City Ham" - $42

These are our Berkshire hams, cured by our partner Sam Edwards in Virginia. These hams have a delicate flavor that's perfect for producing a remarkably moist, sweet-flavored ham. These hams are hickory smoked, fully cooked and boneless. Just warm and serve. Serves 10-12.

Quarter Pig: Red Wattle and Duroc – 35lbs – fits in any freezer.

Type in the code DUROCREDWATTLE into the "Enter Coupon" green box while checking out and get $25 off these quarter pigs, cut into pieces. There is no better way to challenge yourself to cook all the cuts a pig has to offer and no cheaper way to consume heritage pork.

Filet Mignon Beef Roast – 5-6lbs - $130

Filet Mignon, or the tenderloin of beef, is the most tender of the roasts. Buttery soft and tender, nothing is easier to cook, or makes a bigger impression on guests. Like any other roast, salt and pepper this liberally, and throw it into a hot oven. Let it rest and slice it or serve it cold. The Filet is a mild flavored cut, and takes well to a variety of rubs or marinades. One whole filet will feed about 12-14 people, so the delivered price ends up being less than $13 a person.

In this week's Farmer's Corner, we spotlight fisherman David Tucker. Patrick, Andrea and I drove down to Morehead City to see what life is like for fishermen like Dave. When he is not out fishing, Dave runs Blue Ocean Market (BOM) in historic Morehead City, NC. BOM is a small bright blue building that embodies beach life. Once inside, there is a sales floor with whole fish on ice, and a counter where Dave and his crew clean and fillet anything from Grouper to Triggerfish to Mahi Mahi.

We arrived in Beaufort (the town next to Morehead City where Dave's boat is located) just in time to feast at local hotspot Shepherd's Point. On the menu were, of course, Dave's fish including Triggerfish.

The next morning, we woke up early to meet Dave at BOM. His team was laying out the day's fish in ice, while filleting the very Triggerfish we had come to ship out to our customers. Dave told us how the fishing industry in Beaufort has changed, and is still morphing.

Federal quotas now put limits on how many pounds of each species can be caught in a given season. These regulations allow critically low populations to come back to full health.

While these quotas are immensely important, they also forced fishermen to change what he fishes. Fishermen like Dave are adapting by offering species different from the more commonly requested ones (like the less common Triggerfish). We can all help out fishermen like Dave to keep fisheries healthy by trying new species of fish and being fluid in our tastes. As we found out with Triggerfish, new things can be delicious.

Dave also explained how historically Floridian and North Carolinian fishermen have shared many of the same fisheries (Grouper, Triggerfish and Snapper), and each state's fishermen basically caught an equal amount. Now, with Federal quotas, things have changed. Because Florida weather allows Florida fisherman to start their season earlier, they are catching more of each species before the guys from North Carolina can get their boats out. Once the quota on a fish has been reached, no matter who has caught what, the season is closed. Again, being open to try new fish is the solution for fishermen like Dave.

On our final night with Dave, we ate at a charming old beach house restaurant called Blue Moon Bistro. While a massive storm raged around us, the restaurant lost power and the dining room carried on by candlelight. We sat with Dave and his wife, enjoying the fish he had caught, contrasting our lives, our similarities and our differences, coming from two very different regions.

Over good food, good friendships are forged, and this meal was no different. Heritage Foods is all about providing that delicious meal, but is also very much about telling the story of that meal. Stay tuned for more stories and shipments from lands that produce Lobster, Salmon and Shrimp!


Photo of Triggerfish

Boats on the waters of Beaufort, NC

Dave Tucker's Fish Shop

Dan Honig eats Triggerfish

Triggerfish on ice

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