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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

We believe that the best way to help a family farmer is to buy from him. We also believe in Founder of Slow Food Carlo Petrini’s words, “Taste, like identity, has meaning only when there is difference.” Please pick your favorite recipe below to unite these two ideas!

4 Breeds of Heritage Chicken For Sale and Chicken Recipes!
Heritage Chicken Sampler – 2 of each – all clearly marked - $198 (feeds about 16, for $13 per person)
Two 3lbs Jersey Giants, Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire OR Cornish chickens - $65 (feeds about six)

Piedmontese Breed Beef for Sale and Beef Recipes!

Tri-Tip – Three 2.5lb pieces - $98
Peposo -Tuscan Stew by Chef Jody Williams – Gottino Restaurant NYC

Chuck Medallions – twenty 4oz steaks, 2/pk - $79
Lidia’s Manzo in Guazzetto by Chef Dan Swinny and Cody Hogan - Lidia’s Kansas City

Flatiron – four 10oz steaks - $49
Flat Iron Steak by Chef Cory Stewart – Americano Restaurant at Hotel Vitale, San Francisco

Burger – six 8oz pieces, 2/pk - $49
Cook until pink inside, just beyond red.

Heirloom Preserves for Sale!

Six 8oz jars of heirloom preserves - $64

Bing Cherry - a sweet and sour blend.
Red Raspberry – old-fashioned fresh fruit flavor.
Blackberry – a tad bit tart.
Red Haven Peach – a burst of fresh peach with every bite.
Strawberry Rhubarb – the rhubarb compliments the sweetness of the berry.
Concord Grape - a deep purple/black color with an intense fresh flavor.

Once discovering the taste benefits of heirloom crops, Brenda Smith of Clayton’s raises only these cherished varieties on her farm in Northwest Indiana near Lake Michigan. Some of Brenda’s seeds date back to as early as the late 1700’s. Clayton’s berries are handpicked on the banks of Pine Lake and surrounding woodlands.

Two tablespoons of any of these preserves will add a wonderful addition to any vinaigrette for your spring/summer salads.

Porters – Recession Special – From Animal Welfare Approved Red Wattle and Certified Humane Berkshire
For 15 14oz porters ($90 shipping included)
For 30 14oz porters ($160 shipping included)


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