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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

It is with great pleasure that we announce our traditional offerings have returned with a new year, including HEIRLOOM FRUIT from our friends at Frog Hollow Farm, located alongside the Sacramento River Delta, one of the best fruit farms in the country. See below for details.

We are also happy to announce a FRESH PORK offering, which we intend to do often in the future. Order by Thursday at 10AM at the latest and receive fresh pork belly this Friday, which can be turned into pancetta, smoked for bacon or made into delicious pork bun sandwiches. Click here to view our friend David Chang, of Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Noodle Bar and Ma Peche in NYC, showing Martha Stewart how to perfect his famous pork belly steamed buns.

FRESH Skin-Off Belly – Overnight Shipping Included - $100

We are thrilled to offer PEARL GUINEA FOWL, also known as pintade faraona, African pheasant or guinea hen, a bird native to West Africa.  This poultry has a gamey but delicate texture, is inherently juicy and offers consistently rich and deep flavor, similar to that of a pheasant. This guinea fowl is an insect and seed eating, ground-nesting bird with a featherless head and spangled grey plumage.  Pearl guinea fowl are monogamous breeders.  The females often lay their eggs out in the fields and hatch their young, called “keets” all by themselves.  Most farmers love having guinea fowl since they alert humans to anything unusual. Both males and females make a single syllable, machine-gun like alarm call, but only the females have a two syllable call. In fact, it sounds like they're saying "buckwheat."

Guinea Fowl, Two 2 lb birds - $48

Remember, if you have any QUESTIONS or if you would like us to craft a special order for you, just call us here at the office and ask for HEATHER! Our number is 718-389-0985.

Fresh Bing Cherries, 3 lbs – Overnight Shipping Included - $67

  • Delivered first and second weeks of June

Fresh Summer Harvest Fruit Sampler – Overnight Shipping Included - $307

  • 3 lbs Bing cherries – delivered first and second weeks of June
  • 3 lbs Flavor Top or Summer Flare Nectarines – delivered last weeks of July
  • 6 lbs Cal Red Peaches – delivered mid to late August
  • 3 lbs Warren Pears – delivered mid to late September

Frog Hollow Farm is just now seeing the first of its 2010 harvest. One hour from San Francisco, alongside the Sacramento River Delta is one of the quintessential examples of California organic farming, producing each season what is considered to be some of the best tasting fruit in the country, if not the world.  The quality of the fruit can be attributed to both the dedication of the farm’s staff, led by Farmer Al, the nutrient rich soil and the climate of Contra Costa County. If you can’t get to the San Francisco Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Plaza, order this basket and pretend you did!

Sign up for the summer harvest fruit sampler and receive four shipments over the next four months following the schedule below. Each piece of fruit is picked from the tree and delivered to your door within 48 hours or less! Fruits will also be available to order on an individual basis by month, stay tuned to our weekly e-mails for updates!

Each delectable piece of fruit included in our Summer Harvest Sampler will be picked at its exact peak of ripeness and you will be informed via e-mail with enough time to know precisely when to expect delivery.


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