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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

It is almost Memorial Day Weekend! Order any of our products (pork, beef, poultry) before Thursday morning and receive the next day!

Stay tuned for news on our efforts to move 6,000lbs of fresh salmon on the week of July 11th and 500 humanely raised goats in October, known by us as Month of the Goat! Also as we have since 2002, almost 10,000 Heritage Turkeys for Thanksgiving!


Boneless HAMS – the most delicious ham in the world or your money back!
8lbs Boneless Cured Ham -- $66 Including 2-day Shipping -- Offer expires June 30th

All our pork is processed by a Certified Humane facility. This ham is fully cooked, so if you want it hot, just give it 30 minutes or so in a medium oven. Otherwise, just slice and serve. (Feeds about 15 people which amounts to about $4.4 per serving).


We are proud to announce our cattle share program with the Hearst Ranch is back for its 3rd year! We thank Steve Hearst for allowing this project to continue. We thank Steve for keeping cowboy culture alive in the state of California. We thank the many hundreds of our customers for participating in this eighth cattle share program in the past and for sending us their amazing recipes and pictures. And we congratulate the dozens of small family farms who now use this model to sell their grassfed beef.

We will sell Hearst Ranch grass-fed and finished Angus cattle from the California coast in 13 cuts (40lbs) for less than $10/lb delivered (and less than $6 per portion!!!!). ALL Beef comes fresh except for ground and kabob. Just eat fresh what you like and freeze the rest. This beef comes cut so that it will fit in any freezer!

All beef ships on June 13 or June 15 using overnight UPS – you choose and we will confirm. Beef is aged 2-3 weeks

A 40lb eighth cattle comes in the following cuts, each cut in own cryo:

6 oz Filet Mignon Steaks x 2
16 oz Bone In Rib Steaks x 2
15 oz Bone in New York x 2
10 oz Top Sirloin Steaks x 2
16 oz Chuck Cross rib Steak x 1
35 oz London Broil x 1
28 oz Sirloin tip Steak x 1
8 oz Flat Iron Steak x 1
22 oz Flank Steak x 1 OR 22 oz Tri Tip x 1 OR 16 oz Skirt Steak x 1 OR 10 oz Top Sirloin x2
32 oz Ground Beef x 11
16 oz Premium Kabob Meat x 1
32 oz Fajita Strips x 2

40lbs - $395 – shipping included
40lbs - $380 if in the state of California – shipping included

This is a great price for grass-fed beef: around $6 per serving!

See what a cow really is. By getting an eighth, you see what cuts a cow actually produces, not only the better-known cuts.

Coupons do not apply to this product.

Heritage Foods USA
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