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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Thirteen ways to say, “I love you Dad.” This year give the ultimate Father’s Day gift; our Hearst 1/8 Grass-fed cattle share Nothing says I love you like 1/8th of a cow. The cows are grass-fed and finished Angus cattle from the California coast. It comes in 12 cuts (40lbs) for less than $10/lb delivered (and less than $6 per portion!!!); ALL beef comes fresh except for ground and kabob. Just eat fresh what you like and freeze the rest. Help dad celebrate his inner cowboy!

All beef ships on June 13 or June 15 using overnight UPS – you choose and we will confirm. Beef is aged 2-3 weeks

A 40lb eighth cattle share comes in the following cuts, each cut in own cryo:
6oz Filet Mignon Steaks x2
16oz Bone In Rib Steaks x2
15oz Bone in New York x2
10oz Top Sirloin Steaks x2
16oz Chuck Cross rib Steak x1
35oz London Broil x1
28oz Sirloin tip Steak x1
8oz Flat Iron Steak x1
EITHER 22oz Flank Steak x1
OR 22oz Tri Tip x1
OR 16oz Skirt Steak x1
OR 10oz Top Sirloin x2

32oz Ground Beef x11
16oz Premium Kabob Meat x1
32oz Fajita Strips x2

40lbs - $395 – shipping included
40lbs - $380 if in California – shipping included

This is a great price for grass-fed beef: around $6 per serving

Wild Caught Fresh Alaskan Salmon

In 2011, more than half of the salmon eaten in the US comes from Aquaculture, the rearing of fish in man made facilities. This summer we are excited to partner with Christopher Nicolson who has been fishing sockeye salmon in the headwaters of Bristol Bay Alaska for over a quarter century.

The Alaskan constitution actually bans aquaculture in an effort to protect the wild salmon population and the pristine coastal waters. The majority of Alaskan salmon is actually shipped abroad due to lack of demand in the domestic market. Let’s make this year different we hope to sell 6,000 pounds of fresh salmon this season! Stay tuned for news on this years catch.

Lamb pieces

We’re proud to introduce our new great farm on the Bear Paw Mountains in Montana: Monica and Mark Goldhahn are the pinnacle of sustainable agriculture with their certified organic, grass-fed Katahdin lamb. They raise sheep, cattle, alfalfa/grass hay, and a wide variety of crops in fields and gardens, practicing crop rotation and organic farming to keep the land and environment healthy for future generations.

Katahdin is a breed of hair sheep. They do not have wool and therefore are selected solely for meat quality.  They are smaller than many other sheep breeds and the meat is milder-flavored. Try Katahdin lamb—it is superb!

The Goldhahn’s will be shipping directly from the farm, and we’re offering 3 amazing cuts and 1 package all of which come from their certified organic, grass-fed lamb:
12 lamb chops
1 bone-in leg of lamb
1 rack of lamb
1 rack + 6 chops

Goat pieces

We’re excited to offer you a preview of October's Month of Goat when we’ll take the nation by storm working with some of the countries best chefs to tell the story of dairy goats. For those of you who can’t wait this week we have Boer Goat Rack of Ribs and Ground Goat (3.5lbs) from Thyme for Goat.

Thyme for Goat is a consortium of five family farms in Maine, these Boer goats, a South African breed originally developed for meat production, are raised outdoors on green pastures. Goats browse rather then graze and they live communally. Goats are very smart and make an excellent addition to any small farm, especially in colder regions.

Our goats are raised by Marge Kilkelly and Joe Murray, who have worked with these lovely and gentle animals for over five years. When away from the farm, Marge works for the Council of State Governments on agricultural and rural policy in the Northeast.

Goat meat is very lean and tastes similar to moose and venison. It has a unique flavor but not an overpowering one. Our goats were processed this week at a Maine USDA inspected facility, which has recently been certified for its humane processing.


Check out Dan and Andrea’s foray into Lobster fishing. Thanks to everyone who made this project a huge success. One thousand pounds of lobster made its way into pots across the country this past Memorial Day Weekend!

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