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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Read below for $48 Osso Bucco, $6 Pork Chops and the Heritage pig breed schedule through the end of August for fresh pork orders.

We are undertaking our annual experiment to see if Heritage Foods and its network can move 50 head of grass-fed and finished beef between now and July 4th! These cattle arrive to you the week of June 28th! If we succeed, we will have re-launched a model that has already helped small farmers trying to escape the box beef world of commodity agriculture. This project was a total success last year and yielded dozens of very happy customers.

We will sell these grass-fed and finished Angus cattle from the Hearst Ranch in California in eighths (about 40lbs) in their component parts just like we do with our quarter hogs. For our beef this will include approximately 10 cuts and cost $9/lb including delivery, $8/lb including delivery in the state of California. This is the most sustainable and cheapest way to buy beef. This beef is wet-aged for 3 weeks. It arrives fresh except for the ground, which is frozen.  Please see below for cuts included with each order.

Each grassfed Angus cattle share includes:
Two 12-oz bone in Filet Mignon
Two 18-oz Bone-In Ribeye
Two 15-oz New York Strip
Two 12-oz Top Sirloin
Two 16-oz Flat Iron (Chuck)
One 22-oz London Broil
One 32-oz Fajita Strip
Two 32-oz Pkgs. Premium Kabob Meat
Ten 32-oz Pkgs. Ground Beef (Frozen)

And either:
One 28-oz Sirloin Tip
One 16-oz Round
One 22-oz Flank or One 22-oz Tri Tip
One 16-oz Round
One 29-oz Skirt.

Heritage Eighth of a Grassfed Angus Beef (About 40 lbs) Delivered Outside California
Overnight Shipping Included -

Heritage Eighth of a Grassfed Angus Beef (About 40 lbs) Delivered in California
Overnight Shipping Included - $320

Our FRESH PORK program continues this week with an offering of osso bucco.  These beautiful 8-oz portions are center-cut from the shank of the pig and they require a deft hand and wise attention of a considerate butcher. Our butchers are the best and once you see these pieces of meat you will have to agree. Today they are only $48 (8 8oz pieces, 4 per pack), shipping included.

Heritage Foods USA has recently begun publishing a blog where we cook our meats in simple but absolutely delicious preparations, take photos, write recipes – you can read it at heritagefoodsusa.tumblr.com.  We recently prepared osso bucco at home and you can find the photos and recipe here.

The recession special on Porterhouse Pork Chops also continues this week – this offering is an unbeatable value at $6 per chop.

We also recently featured an easy recipe on tumblr for Porterhouse Pork Chops rubbed with rosemary and paprika and served with apples.  As you can see, this product is also absolutely beautiful and cooks up second to none.

Follow us at heritagefoodsusa.tumblr.com to hear all the great things the Heritage Foods USA community is doing with our products, future plans, new developments, and everything else new in town and country and everywhere in between.

We can fulfill any fresh or custom orders with just two weeks notice.  Call our office at 718-389-0985 and ask for Heather, and she will help you fulfill the order you need to have the meal of your dreams.

Fresh Heritage Pork Program:
All fresh pork orders placed before 5 pm EST on Tuesday will be cut fresh to your specification and breed preference for shipment the following week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). The delay in delivery accounts for processing and cutting times and guarantees the freshest possible product delivered to your door. When ordering fresh pork, please specify “fresh” and the breed of choice in the customer comments box upon check out.

Want your pork to come from a specific breed?  Check the breed schedule below to find out when each breed will come to market:

June 7th -- Berkshire and Red Wattle
June 14th -- Berkshire
June 21st -- Berkshire, Red Wattle and Tamworth
June 28th -- Berkshire
July 5th -- Berkshire, Duroc and Red Wattle
July 12th -- Berkshire, Duroc and Red Wattle
July 19th -- Berkshire, Duroc and Red Wattle
July 26th -- Berkshire and Duroc
August 2nd -- Berkshire, Duroc and Red Wattle
August 9th -- Berkshire and Duroc
August 16th -- Berkshire, Duroc and Red Wattle
August 23rd -- Berkshire and Duroc
August 30th -- Berkshire, Duroc and Red Wattle


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