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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Today's weekly email features:

* A Salumi Box from Armandino Batali

* An offer of Fresh Salmon that gives you money back if we reach our goal of selling more than 3000lbs of fish

*Our final offer for Hearst Eighth Cattle. If once a year every American bought cattle in halves, quarters or eighths grassfed non-commodity operations would explode back onto the national scene. Try a Hearst eighth this year and a different breed next year.

* has a new Featured Restaurant – read more below!

Salumi Box

We are honored to feature again a box of arguably the best cured meats in the New World. The patriarch Armandino Batali is older now but still very much involved at Salumi, the historic storefront in downtown Seattle. His daughter Gina and her husband Brian run the day-to-day operations but Dad is still always around making sure his highest standards are being maintained. Products at Salumi are made by three people, making it one of smallest production teams anywhere. We thank the Batali family for supporting the small family farms we work with. This Salumi box was made especially for Heritage Foods USA customers in very limited supply.

Salumi Box arrives week of the 27th in time for Independence Day Holiday.
Order cutoff: June 21st.

4.55-5.2lbs -- $113 shipping included
Mole Salami (1 piece) – 1.65lbs
Coppa (1 piece) – 1.65lbs
Guanciale (Red Wattle jowl) (1 piece) – 1.25lbs

Mole salami is an all pork salami made with Belgian chocolate, chipotle and ancho peppers. While it is not a smoked product it has a smoky flavor. The mole also has cinnamon in it so it is at once sweet and spicy. Just cut and eat at room temperature. The thinner the slice the better.

Coppa is the center of a pork shoulder. It is beautifully marbled inside. It is rubbed with chile flakes before being stuffed into the casing. Just slice thinly and eat alone or in a sandwich or wrap around other food like grilled shrimp.

Guanciale is very versatile. It can be substituted for pancetta in any recipe. Cut it thinly and wrap around a breadstick and grill it. Or you can serve it cubed in a pasta all'amatriciana. If you prefer, sauté cubes and pour cubes and fat over vegetable dishes.

If package arrives greasy that is to be expected. DO NOT refrigerate, even after cutting into it.
DO NOT put in plastic as these products must breath. Hanging pieces is best for air circulation.
When stored properly this product will not go bad even in hot climate.

Sockeye Salmon Social Buy

We love Iliamna Fish Company because they are a family who has caught wild salmon in Alaska for literally hundreds of years. Twenty family members get together every salmon season (June through July) to keep the family tradition alive. The more we buy from them, the better a season they will have, thus preserving an American tradition. Alaska is home to one of the most bountiful, sustainable, and last salmon runs in the world. These salmon come from Bristol Bay, one of the most strictly monitored fisheries in the US. Only 3000 permits have been issued, and no more will be created!

Sadly, the majority of Alaskan salmon is shipped abroad due to lack of demand in the domestic market. We can help keep American traditions American. Vote with your fork, and take part in this years salmon season.

Package 1 1 Fish 4-5lbs $134 $29.77/lb $14.89/portion
Package 2 2 Fish 8-10lbs $242 $26.88/lb $13.44/portion
Package 3 4 Fish 18-20lbs $450 $23.68/lb $11.84/portion

If we sell more than 3000lbs the costs are as follows:

Package 1 1 Fish 4-5lbs $124 $27.55/lb $13.78/portion $10 saving
*Package 2 2 Fish 8-10lbs $205 $22.78/lb $11.39/portion $37 saving
*Package 3 4 Fish 18-20lbs $389 $20.47/lb $10.24/portion $61 saving

*Best Value

Follow the “Salmon Poundage Counter” on the homepage. If we reach 3000lbs sold your credit card will be refunded the group savings. Or, if you choose, you can convert your refund to a Heritage Foods USA coupon and save up to twice the amount on your next purchase.

All salmon come Fresh - - 2 Days from being fished - - Headed and Eviscerated
Simply freeze what you will not eat within 5 days Ships to arrive Friday July 15th!
Dan, Andrea and Patrick will be on the West Coast shipping the salmon not 2 days from the boat!


The cows are grass-fed and finished Angus cattle from the California coast. It comes in 12 cuts (40lbs) for less than $10/lb delivered (and less than $6 per portion!); ALL beef comes fresh except for ground and kabob.

These will ship for arrival this Thursday via overnight shipping.
40lbs - $395 – shipping included
40lbs - $380 if in California – shipping included

Featured Restaurant

San Francisco

We thought about moving our offices to California so we could spend our lunch hours in line at the RoliRoti trucks waiting for one of their mouthwatering porchetta sandwiches. RoliRoti's founder Thomas Odermatt literally grew up in his family's butcher shop, in the Swiss Alps, learning the secrets of slow cooking. Nicknamed the “God Father of Gourmet Food Trucks,” Thomas has been filling Bay Area bellies and supporting sustainable farming from the beginning. We salute him for buying so much Heritage Foods product.

A farmer first and a chef second Thomas completed a masters degree in organic farming from ETH, Zurich before making his way to the US. He fell in love with the food scene, friends fell in love with his rotisserie, and so RoliRoti was born bringing sustainable slow cooked food to the streets!

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