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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

This is the final week to participate in our project to prove that there is a market for grass-fed beef!

We consider this project to be one of our most important of the year for a number of reasons. Moving animals in their entirety allow farmers to move the carcass at once without storing and having to find additional outlets. Because these cows are grass-fed we are growing a market for beef raised in the way nature intended, the way cows were built to eat, without the intervention of man who adds corn to the diet for faster growing carcasses and profit. We are also big fans in the mission of Hearst Ranch which believes in keeping their land active in agriculture while employing a network of cowboys and processors who maintain a virtuous supply of food that penetrates the menus of corporate cafeterias, schools and home kitchens.

Finally we are proud to say that this product comes to you at $9/lb or $8/lb if you live in the state of California. The portion cost of these cuts ends up costing less then a meal at a myriad of fast food restaurants even before you consider the hidden costs behind their supplies.

All cuts come individually labeled so that you can easily experiment with recipes for each cut. We recommend simple preparations but every country in the world offers particular ingredients to go with the various cuts of the world’s largest domesticated species.

We hope you will buy one!

Heritage Eighth of a Grassfed Angus Beef (About 40 lbs) Delivered Outside California
Overnight Shipping Included -

Heritage Eighth of a Grassfed Angus Beef (About 40 lbs) Delivered in California
Overnight Shipping Included - $320

Each grassfed Angus cattle share includes:
Two 12-oz bone in Filet Mignon
Two 18-oz Bone-In Ribeye
Two 15-oz New York Strip
Two 12-oz Top Sirloin
Two 16-oz Flat Iron (Chuck)
One 22-oz London Broil
One 32-oz Fajita Strip
Two 32-oz Pkgs. Premium Kabob Meat
Ten 32-oz Pkgs. Ground Beef (Frozen)

And either:
One 28-oz Sirloin Tip
One 16-oz Round
One 22-oz Flank or One 22-oz Tri Tip
One 16-oz Round
One 29-oz Skirt.

Heritage Foods USA
The Source for Authentic American Heritage Foods

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