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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

We hope you have had the time to marvel at our marvelous new website. We are so proud of Andrea and the team for making so many improvements to the site to convey what we are trying to do each week and show what you support with each purchase.

It has thus far been a great year for Alaska fishing. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game put the commercial catch at 3,130,000 sockeye salmon, 862,000 keta, 55,000 kings, 44,000 pinks and 3,000 cohos, for a total of 4,094,000 Alaska Wild Salmon!

Heritage Foods USA is currently making its modest push to sell 3,000lbs of wild sockeye salmon for shipment July 14th. Thank you to everyone who has already purchased salmon online! And for those who have not yet, remember that fresh wild salmon is only around a few weeks a year!

Please enjoy a new video of Christopher Nicolson talking about the work of his fishing family!

Follow the "Salmon Poundage Counter" on the homepage. If we reach 3000lbs sold, your credit card will be refunded the group savings. Or, if you choose, you can convert your refund to a Heritage Foods USA coupon and save up to twice the amount on your next purchase.

All salmon come Fresh 2 Days from being fished - - Headed and Eviscerated
Simply freeze what you will not eat within 5 days Ships to arrive Friday July 15th!
Stay tuned for pictures from the West Coast!

Last Week to Order!

Package 1 1 Fish 4-5lbs $134 $29.77/lb $14.89/portion
Package 2 2 Fish 8-10lbs $242 $26.88/lb $13.44/portion
Package 3 4 Fish 18-20lbs $450 $23.68/lb $11.84/portion

If we sell more than 3000lbs the costs are as follows:

Package 1 1 Fish 4-5lbs $124 $27.55/lb $13.78/portion $10 saving
*Package 2 2 Fish 8-10lbs $205 $22.78/lb $11.39/portion $37 saving
*Package 3 4 Fish 18-20lbs $389 $20.47/lb $10.24/portion $61 saving

*Best Value


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