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Paw Paws are Upawn Us!
Order Thursday By 9AM – receive this Friday
10lbs (12-15 fruit) $109 – including delivery

If you like sweet, creamy, delicious and unusual fruits, try our pawpaws. The Paw paw is native to the USA and was a favorite among Native Americans and the first settlers in the US. Grown from Southern Michigan to Georgia and from Kansas to the Atlantic coast, the paw paw is one of the most nutritious of our fruits, exceeding pears, apples and grapes in vitamins, and amino acids. The paw paw, like other heritage breeds, takes quite a long time to reach maturity, so only the most ambitious growers are willing to invest the time and space required.

Thomas Jefferson was said to adore paw paw, while George Washington feasted on it in the form of puddings and ice creams. Lewis and Clark subsisted on paw paws when other sources of food were scarce. Paw paws can be canned to extend their life, or frozen. They will last several weeks in the refrigerator.  In earlier times, they were a regular addition to pies, cakes, puddings and all manner of desserts. Tasting something like a cross between a mango and a banana, the paw paw is one of America's true heritage varietals.

Our supplier, Jim Davis of Deep Run Paw Paw Orchard, has cultivated a variety of different strains of this exotic fruit: Shenandoah, Susquehanna, Allegheny, Overleese, Taytwo, Pennsylvania Golden. Each box we send has every fruit separately sleeved and labeled with the varietal. The fruit is sent just ripe, and should be eaten or processed within a week or two for maximum enjoyment.

Order Thursday By 9AM – receive this Friday
10lbs (12-15 fruit) $109 – including delivery

  1. Susquehanna – sweet, mild
  2. Alleghany – sweet, mild
  3. Overleese – sweet and fruity
  4. Shenandoah – sweet tasting, fruity flavor
  5. Pennsylvania Gold – Stronger flavor
  6. Taytwo – Stronger flavor

Four 18-oz Ribeyes – one per pack - $89
Cut fresh this past week!

These steaks were cut with the trusty hand of Lou Fantasma last week! Ribeye is a fattier cut that some swear is the cow's best. Along with Angus, Kobe and Chianina, Piedmontese is considered one of the tastiest cattle in the world. It is very tender and many of the country's best chefs love it. Today, a network of family farmers are raising cattle naturally, on a pure vegetarian feed without the use of antibiotics and without added growth hormones. Piedmontese beef is comparatively healthy, with less fat and cholesterol than traditional beef.

Pig Breed Schedule
Order any cuts of these pig breeds for fresh for delivery next Monday.
Just note CUT FRESH and breed choice in the big box when you check out.

  • Red Wattle
  • Duroc
  • Berkshire


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