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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Please enjoy this great video about how No Goat Left Behind came to be. It was made by Sam Edwards IV.

We are so happy to know that the 13 farms we work with decided to keep their male goats this year rather than sell them to an outfit that would lead them to a much unhappier life. We understand that goat is expensive. The first year of a project like this is always the most expensive. Prices will come down next year. Know that most of your dollars are going to support the farms. Over the coming weeks we will be emailing you the names, recipes and photos of over 100 restaurants around the country who will be turning this project into a reality.

Packages will arrive fresh on October 14th or 21st

Half Goat - $289 shipping included

Whole Goat - $430 shipping included

Live in NYC? Call us for home delivery: 718-389-0985

All Goat come with recipes and DVD

Half Goat fits in any freezer

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QUARTER HOGS – 35lbs – cut into pieces


Order Here: $72 to $128

All turkeys will arrive via FedEx Overnight on Tuesday November 22nd.

Gifting this item? Please provide us with an e-mail address to notify the giftee of delivery date! Just write it in the comments section before submitting the order.

Our turkeys are raised by Frank Reese of Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch according to the highest standards of animal husbandry, and using only 100% American Poultry Association approved breeds, dating back generations.

The Heritage Turkey Project has been a great success, both for farmers and food lovers everywhere. Breeds that were on the brink of extinction have been brought back and are now in the process of recovering. It is because of you that this project has been so successful. When you buy a heritage turkey, not only will you enjoy the best turkey you have ever had, but you will also be doing your part to say NO to factory farming and YES to responsible, sustainable forms of agriculture.

All turkeys will be shipped in their own box.
If your order contains any product other than a turkey, we will ship the rest of your order on the next available ship date, NOT for Thanksgiving delivery, unless you note otherwise in the comment box upon checkout.

Turkeys are kept at a temperature of 28 degrees, which will keep them safe, not fully frozen.

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you'll get your money back!

All turkeys come with neck and gizzards.

All heritage turkeys are certified to be humanely raised by Animal Welfare Approved.

Calculate 1 lb per person.

Address changes and order cancellations must be done by Tuesday 11/8.

Coupons do not apply


Delivery will be Wednesday Sept 14th or Friday Sept 16th

Each box we send has every fruit separately sleeved and labeled with the varietal. The paw paws will ship via FedEx overnight. Your tracking number will be emailed on the day it ships.

10lbs (12-15 fruit) $111 – including overnight delivery.


  1. Susquehanna – sweet, mild
  2. Alleghany – sweet, mild
  3. Overleese – sweet and fruity
  4. Shenandoah – sweet tasting, fruity flavor
  5. Pennsylvania Gold – Stronger flavor
  6. Taytwo – Stronger flavor

Each box we send has every fruit separately sleeved and labeled with the varietal. The fruit is sent just ripe, and should be eaten or processed within a week or two for maximum enjoyment.

If you like sweet, creamy, delicious and unusual fruits, try our pawpaws. The Paw paw is native to the USA and was a favorite among Native Americans and the first settlers in the US. Grown from Southern Michigan to Georgia and from Kansas to the Atlantic coast, the paw paw is one of the most nutritious of our fruits, exceeding pears, apples and grapes in vitamins, and amino acids. The paw paw, like other heritage breeds, takes quite a long time to reach maturity, so only the most ambitious growers are willing to invest the time and space required.

Thomas Jefferson was said to adore paw paw, while George Washington feasted on it in the form of puddings and ice creams. Lewis and Clark subsisted on paw paws when other sources of food were scarce. Paw paws can be canned to extend their life, or frozen. They will last several weeks in the refrigerator. In earlier times, they were a regular addition to pies, cakes, puddings and all manner of desserts. Tasting something like a cross between a mango and a banana, the paw paw is one of America's true heritage varietals.

Our supplier is Jim Davis of Deep Run Paw Paw Orchard, and he has specialized in the cultivation of different strains of this exotic fruit.

Gifting this item? Please provide us with an e-mail address to notify the giftee of delivery date! Just write it in the comments section before submitting the order.

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