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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Our Breed Schedule the week of September 13th:

Order by 5pm Tuesday and get Any Cut of the following breeds delivered Fresh to you next Tuesday (leave a note in the Comment Box upon Checkout):

  • Berkshire
  • Duroc
  • Gloucestershire Old Spots*


*Only available quartered: About 35 pounds: 4 Shoulder Steaks (4 lbs) 1 Shoulder Roast (2.5 lbs) 6 Pork Chops (4.5 lbs) Spareribs (2 lbs) Fresh Side (3 lbs) Osso Buco Shanks (1.5 lbs) 1 Ham Roast bone-in (8 lbs) Ground Pork (3 lbs) Pork Sausage (3 lbs) Sirloin (2 lbs) Country-ribs (1 lbs) Backfat (1 lb)

Only 24 available! First come, first serve. $350 for 35lbs, shipping included.

For more on Gloucestershire Old Spot Breed click here.

Special From The Green Mountain State: Goat

Twig Farm, a prominent cheese farm in Vermont, is running a special promotion on Half-Goat meat packages.  Michael Lee and Emily Sunderman are best known for their washed rind Twig Wheel goat milk cheese, but today they are offering us a limited amount of flavorful goat meat.

Male goats do not produce milk, so cheese farms use these goats to produce meat or to keep back as breeders. Luckily, Twig Farm has offered us a selection of succulent Alpine Goat. Calculate about one pound a person including the bone.

We are offering 10 orders of half-goat, available in two options:

1st Package (14-16 lbs):
Front shoulder & neck — 10lbs
Back Leg — 5lbs

2nd package (14-16 lbs):
Rack of ribs — 5lbs
Saddle (loin)  — 5lbs
Back Leg — 5lbs

The cost of each package is $195.00 including shipping, which means that you are paying only an astonishing $13/lb.

Since we only have a very limited supply, act quickly to get your share of this delicious deal!

Check out Twig Farm's famous cheese products at www.TwigFarm.com/cheese.php

Petite Medallion

Twenty 4-oz steaks, two per pack - $83

The Petite Medallion looks just like a piece of filet mignon, but though it is similarly tender, it comes with a much lower price tag. That's because it is cut from the Chuck tender, a part of the shoulder of the animal. It has many applications, but essentially it can be cooked exactly as a filet steak, grilled, sauteed, broiled, or cut into chunks for kebabs. It has a rich beefy flavor, much more so than a traditional filet... chances are you won't go back, once you taste some of our Piedmontese petite medallions. Our steaks come from the Piedmontese breed of cattle, which originated in the foothills of northern Italy, home to the Slow Food movement. Along with Angus, Kobe and Chianina, Pied is considered one of the tastiest cattle in the world. It is very tender and many of the country's best chefs love it. Today, a network of family farmers are raising cattle naturally, on a pure vegetarian feed without the use of antibiotics and without added growth hormones.

Piedmontese beef has significantly less fat and cholesterol than commodity beef, giving it a healthier profile, along with its flavorful characteristics.

This is what happens when salmon is farm raised or genetically modified.

Help us resist this fast food by supporting healthy wild salmon runs in the great state of Alaska. Our salmon are being fished as we write this email. Stay tuned in the next week or two for details on how to purchase. Filets will be between 1.75 and 2.25lbs.

Heritage Turkeys for Sale!

Heritage Turkey 2010 - 8-10 lbs                                 $74
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 10.1 -12 lbs                           $84
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 12.1 -14 lbs                           $94
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 14.1 -16 lbs                           $104
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 16.1 -18 lbs                           $114
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 18.1
-20 lbs                            $134
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 20.1 -22 lbs                           $139

Turkeys will arrive to you Tuesday November 23rd via FedEx Standard Overnight and your tracking number will arrive to your inbox a few days before. Turkeys come with neck and gizzards, as well as a free gift. Calculate one pound per person.

Our Heritage Turkeys are raised by Good Shepherd Ranch in Kansas and Leaping Waters Farm in Virginia.

All turkeys will come with a free gift of two 10oz Heritage Porterhouse Pork Chops. If you would prefer not to receive this gift, please note that in the Comment Box upon Checkout.

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, your money back!

Heritage Turkeys come from bloodlines dating back to the mid 1800s. The unbelievable flavor of the white and dark meat has been heralded by the greatest chefs of our time. So remember to order your Heritage Turkey early!

If you would like to specify a Kosher turkey from Leaping Waters Farm, or send a Heritage Turkey as a gift, please make a note in our Comment Box upon checkout or call us at 718-389-0985.

Heritage Turkeys will be kept at a temperature that never exceeds 28 degrees which does not freeze the bird all the way through but keeps it safe for your eating pleasure.

All Heritage Turkeys are certified to be humanely raised by Animal Welfare Approved.

All Heritage Turkey orders can be canceled with no penalty up until November 8th!

Heritage Turkey 2010 - 8-10 lbs                                 $74
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 10.1 -12 lbs                           $84
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 12.1 -14 lbs                           $94
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 14.1 -16 lbs                           $104
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 16.1 -18 lbs                           $114
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 18.1
-20 lbs                            $134
Heritage Turkey 2010 - 20.1 -22 lbs                           $139

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