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Robert “Frank” Reese, a fourth generation farmer is considered the Godfather of American poultry. For nearly all his life, Frank has maintained a keen interest in American Heritage Turkeys, with an avowed objective of preventing their extinction. Frank has brought together a group of neighboring farmers that make up the Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch (GSTR) to help him raise his birds. Each spring Frank sells his cherished poults to the members of his network. In this way, Frank has been able to significantly increase population counts of Heritage Turkeys. Frank has the oldest continual genetic strain of standard-bred turkeys in North America.

Frank was recognized by the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) for maintaining the highest ethical standards for poultry production in the United States. The Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch was the first turkey farm in America to receive Animal Welfare Institute’s Animal Welfare Approved certification. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says AWI is “The gold standard for how farm animals should be taken care of.” GSTR turkeys are never fed antibiotics or animal byproducts. GSTR worked closely with the abattoir to assure a clean processing.

Frank bought his first heritage flock long ago from Norman Kardosh “The Turkey Man” of the poultry world, who became a good friend and mentor. Today Frank’s farm is like a museum of poultry genetics and serves as a hatchery populating other farms with classic American breeds much like Johnny Appleseed did to preserve apple varieties in the 19th century. He has American Bronze, Bourbon Red, Jersey Buff, Narragansett and Black turkeys.

The New York Times’ Kim Severson writes of Frank: “Only someone with a trained eye can pick the best toms and hens to breed and Mr. Reese is considered the best of the few people in the country who can do it. He is also the only one with a flock whose genetic line can be traced back to the late 1800s.”

Frank’s turkeys live comfortably on all parts of his 100-year old farm: in open houses on porches, in the barn and near the pond. Frank has done so much to increase the population of heritage turkeys nationwide thanks to selecting breeders that mate on their own, lay well and are good mothers. 

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Since 2002 a partnership between Heritage Foods USA and the Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch has led to one of the greatest conservation success stories of this decade and a future for the most delicious tasting turkeys in America.  Visit www.HeritageFoodsUSA.com for recipes.

Heritage turkeys are never frozen and arrive the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 24th via FedEx overnight. Cancellations and refunds and address changes can be made through November 16th. We recommend about one pound of turkey per person.

Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 8 – 10 lbs - $119
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 10.1-12 lbs – $129
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 12.1-14 lbs – $149
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 14.1-16 lbs – $169
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 16.1-18 lbs – $179
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 18.1-20 lbs – $189
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 20.1-22 lbs – $199

Heritage Foods USA
The Source for Authentic American Heritage Foods

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