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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

With a little over two weeks before the big day, it's time to make our last call for Heritage turkeys! Here in Brooklyn we are busy prepping for our ship day - making our lists, checking them twice...and then checking them one more time just in case.

Bring one of our Heritage turkeys to your Thanksgiving table: healthy birds with healthy genetics, raised outdoors on family farms means delicious turkey - flavor that's tough to beat, at least according to our chefs. We have our smaller sizes available - 8 lbs to 14 lbs - but our numbers are running low so order yours today!

Our turkeys in the 8-10 lbs weight range are raised by Frank Reese over at Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch in Kansas under strict husbandry standards. His birds are American Poultry Association approved - a regarded label ensuring your turkey is of the highest quality.

For the 10-12 lbs and 12-14 lbs weight ranges, we're proud to be working with our longtime friend Alec Bradford at the Animal Welfare Approved Leaping Waters Farm in Virginia. Unlike last year, his turkeys will not be processed at a Kosher facility. His birds have a unique terroir due to the rich ecosystem and the variety of native grasses found on the farm. Leaping Waters is located on 600 acres in the heart of the southern Appalachian Mountain's between the Allegheny Highlands and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Reserve your Heritage turkey today to say YES to family farms that are keeping the sustainable agriculture movement strong!

Heritage Turkeys Arrive 11/22
$72 - $95
Click Here to Order

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, your money back!

Smoked and Maple-Cured Heritage Ham

This spectacular ham is an instant classic: the flavor brings you back to the simple family ham eaten at every important occasion. The maple glaze makes it sweet while the traditional Missouri smoking style gives it a savory twist. Don't forget we use our own Heritage pork, which insures a delectably moist and buttery texture—the type of ham you'll want around all of the time!

Prepare it any way you like: it's fully cooked, so you can cold-cut it for sandwiches or meat platters, or just give it 30 minutes or so in the oven, to have an amazing warm dish!

This is a low cost, low maintenance, delicious option to complete your Thanksgiving dinner!

Comes in two versions:

Don't miss out on our limited time promotion of boneless hams!

Cheat Sheet: Smoked and Cured Heritage ham

Flavor profile: Sweet, Savory, Buttery
Preparation: Serve it as is (cold), or heat in the oven.

All our pork is pasture-raised with no hormones or antibiotics. Our animals are raised with care using traditional methods guaranteed to produce the very best tasting meat.

NY Strip Steaks and Roast

Thinking of ways to complete your Heritage turkey dinner? Try our tender flavorful Piedmontese NY Strip steaks! They come in the following options:

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In this week's menu:
  • Heritage Turkeys
  • Boneless and Bone-in Smoked and Cured Ham
  • NY Strips Steaks and Roast