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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

We hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving. We are so happy to read streams of happy emails talking about how delicious true Heritage Turkeys are from the Master Heritage Turkey Breeder in the United States, Frank Reese. Please read one of our favorite comments below!

Some people say these birds cost too much but we would like to remind those naysayers that even at $10 per person that is about how much a meal at McDonalds costs. And unlike McDonalds this food represents a process that is good, clean and fair!

We know that some of the turkeys arrived colder than we would have liked. Besides the $10 Heritage Dollars coupon that was included in your turkey package we would also like to extend an offer of 5 free Porterhouse Pork Chops (a value of $27) with your next order if you ordered a turkey with us this year.  A portion of your Heritage Dollars will be donated to the non-profit Heiffer International, which gives underprivileged families breeding pairs of livestock as a source of food and community building.

Below is a list of restaurants and stores around the United States who purchased Heritage Turkeys from Heritage Foods USA and its partner Good Shepherd Ranch, the farm that started the Heritage movement and even pushed the USDA to accept the word “Heritage” as a term! We salute these businesses and hope you will support them!

When we first started the Turkey Project in 2002, thanks to Slow Food chapter heads, more than 60 farms began raising Heritage Turkeys for the first time. Today more farmers are experimenting with older breeds as way to differentiate themselves from commodified genetics while also humanely shepherding mankind’s greatest achievements in breeding animals for taste quality to future generations. The fast, cheap and easy alternative is vast but this movement is strong and as stubborn as the hearty breeds themselves. This movement understands that a consistently active market and distribution network is the only way to preserve diverse livestock breeds and farmland.

As always the pork business and lamb business continue day in and day out and we would like to feature one item from each animal. The Quarter Hog and Half Rare Breed Lamb are the best ways to fill up a freezer with individually packaged items that can be pulled as needed during the busy schedule of December homemade meals. All four breeds are available for pork (35lbs at $302 - $350) including the Berkshire, Red-Wattle, Duroc, and Tamworth, and three breeds of lamb ($190 - $196) including the Karakul, Jacob and Navajo-Churro.  Each half lamb averages between 9.5 to 12.5 lbs and consists of small portions from every part of the animal from bone-in leg roasts to rib and loin chops.  Orders for pork and lamb are ready to be shipped tomorrow via FedEx Overnight, quantities are limited so get your order in fast!

Frozen Half Karakul Lamb (about 11.5 lbs) – Overnight Shipping Included - $206 (about $17.91 / lb)
Frozen Half Jacob Lamb (about 9.5 – 12.5 lbs) - Overnight Shipping Included - $200 (about $18.18 / lb)
Frozen Half Navajo-Churro Lamb (about 9.5 – 12.5 lbs) – Overnight Shipping Included - $200 (about $18.18 / lb)

Thank you for your support of Heritage Foods USA and the last middle sized farms in the country!

The Team at Heritage Foods USA

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Our favorite Heritage Turkey comment:

Your Heritage turkey was the greatest turkey I've ever eaten (and the other 13 people I dined with felt the same).

It was the most succulent, juicy, wonderful turkey - I would say it is like the prime rib of turkeys.

And for that, you now have a listing on Yelp with your first 5 star review...

Thank you for making it a great Thanksgiving!

Best regards,

Nick Staff

Heritage Foods USA
The Source for Authentic American Heritage Foods

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