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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Ooohhhh the scent of sizzling bacon! The sputter and pop as it crisps in the pan… deeeeelicious! And NOTHING is better than our Heritage bacon cured by the award winning Paradise Locker Meats in Missouri. Whether you use it for breakfast, for sandwiches, crumbled into salads or dips, wrapped around a petite medallion, (oh yes, that is a perfect union!), or working magic in a pot of beans or soup, everything is better with bacon. We send three one-pound packages of bacon per order ($49).

Just in time for the holidays and entertaining, we are offering a NEW package of four 16oz New York Strip Steaks, 2/pk, ($82). Strip steaks are a steakhouse classic, and so easy to cook. Sauteed or broiled, they make any meal into a celebration. We have a real deal going on smaller Strips, four 12 oz NY Strip steaks, 2/pk, are going for $66, a sensational value!

People have fallen in love with Skirt Steak, the new darling of the restaurant scene. Why? Because no steak can beat it for flavor and versatility. Often used for fajitas, it is just as good grilled, sautéed, or broiled. It takes a marinade beautifully, but is plenty tasty seasoned with plain old salt and pepper. We are lucky enough to get our Skirt steaks in one big 3lb piece, ($49). It’s a perfect meal for a small group, especially if you mix it up with peppers and onions and serve it with tortillas and salsa!

The same goes for our excellent Petite Medallions, the twin of a filet mignon at a fraction of the cost. These are sold 2/pk with twenty 4oz steaks going for $83, or sixty pieces for $240. As these are packed two per pack you can save some, cook others, experiment with recipes, and control how much you eat on any given night!

We have some awesome saving opportunities to stock up for the holidays with offerings like four 10oz Flatiron steaks, 2/pk, for $42; or three 2.5lb pieces of Tri-tip, 1/pk for $92. Our “Recession Special” on 14oz Porterhouse pork chops is still available at an incredible $90 for fifteen chops, 5/pk, or $160 for thirty, 5/pk. Dinner is never more than a few minutes away with these babies stashed in the freezer.

Don’t forget about our fantastic Gift Packages for friends, colleagues, and family! For Under $100, you can send four 18oz Ribeyes, 1/pk ($99), or four 14oz Ribeyes, 2/pk ($78). Another option is four 14oz Porterhouse Pork Chops, 2/pk, with four 12oz NY Strips, 2/pk ($97). Check this out: a package with two 12oz Strip steaks, plus two 14oz Ribeyes for $77. Want extra? Double that for $150.

Our 8oz Burgers are also a perfect meal, 2/pk, in packages of six burgers for $40, twenty-four for $155, or forty-eight for $305. These burgers are a great way to feed a crowd quickly, or to just have a convenient, easy, and fast meal whenever time is tight.

Are you planning a party? We have you covered! We can offer a whole Filet Mignon, 5-6lbs for $143, a whole Ribeye (which is a prime rib roast without the ribs) 10-12lbs for $179, a whole NY Strip, 9-11lbs, also known as a Shell Roast, for $168, or lastly, a whole boneless pork loin, 7lbs, for $115. The Steak Lovers Delight ($195) features four 12oz New York Strips, 2/pk, four 14 oz Ribeyes, 2/pk, and one 3lb Skirt steak.

Remember that every dollar you spend with Heritage helps to preserve land for agriculture, endangered heritage breeds, and American family farms. All our products are hormone and antibiotic free, and raised on pasture with no animal byproducts in their feed. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can ask for a full refund.

Order for a future date or ask us to include a message should you be buying a gift! We will announce the arrival of the package before it arrives so that they can be prepared!

All the best for this holiday season!


The Heritage Team

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