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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

Christmas is almost here, so remember to place your order today or tomorrow! Stay tuned next week for a chance to purchase Fresh Muscovy ducks for a New Year’s Eve dinner you will never forget!

Whether you are feeding a crowd or you just love a good ham, we have the best 8lb hickory smoked boneless Heritage Ham for $85.00. If you have family in house, or have friends coming for New Years, a ham stretches a long way.

Speaking of feeding a crowd, we have lots of pork shoulder. Order either 7.5lbs of boneless Boston butt ($79) or 8lbs of bone-in Boston Butt ($78). Do a slow roast, a braise, or pull this for barbecue; no matter how you cook it, this is a great value cut that will certainly take care of a big table. We also have slabs of Spare Ribs, two 3.5lb slabs for $57. Either grill them, or give them a slow roast in the oven and finish them under the broiler for a crispy, crackling, fingerlicking meal.

If you haven’t yet tried our Cured 12oz. Heritage Porterhouse Pork Chops, (Six to an order, 2/pk for $72.) don’t wait a minute longer. Fully cured, these sweet and smoky chops need only be heated to eat. They can be quickly pan-fried, or warmed in the oven. Serve them with fried apples and onions. You could also braise them with white wine, or apple cider and sauerkraut, or cabbage. Great with white, red or black beans, or cook them up with potatoes and onions. They are elegant and earthy, a fantastic winter meal.

We have Guinea Fowl! Two of these delectable 2lb birds cost $48. They are wrapped individually so one can be stashed, and one can be cooked right away! Guinea Fowl makes for a splendid meal, thanks to its delicate flavor and succulent texture. A favorite way to cook these is to split the bird, and roast it over a bed of alternating sliced red onions and sliced Mineola Oranges. Tuck lots of fresh herbs in between and salt and pepper liberally. Roast for an hour and dig into a sensational restaurant-quality repast.

And don’t forget about our Steaks!

This week, we have 3lbs of Skirt Steak for $49. This piece can be cut in strips for fajitas, or cut into six half-pound portions or more if you are serving a group. Skirt is a really juicy, really tasty cut. A favorite with chefs, and beef cognoscenti.

Three 2.5 lb Piedmontese Boneless Tri-Tip Steaks for $92, one per pack, provides a richly flavored dinner. Cut from the bottom sirloin, this is ideal for roasting, spit-roasting, grilling, or braising. The tri-tip gets its name from its shape and should be cooked whole and sliced across the grain to obtain full tenderness.

Bone-in Short Ribs (6lbs in two packages) for $97 is a cut has been a heavily used one throughout the world for centuries. From Korea to France, the cut consistently proves itself through its versatility and rich flavor. In recent years, it has greatly increased in popularity on the American culinary scene for the same reasons. Cut from the rib section of the cattle, short ribs carry intense grassy and beefy notes that are best brought out by slow cooking. Simply slow cook them in your favorite braising liquid, be it stock or red wine, with or without vegetables, and let time and low heat work their magic.

The same goes for our Petite Medallions, which can be ordered in increments of twenty 4oz steaks going for $83 or sixty 4oz steaks for $240. They are packaged two per pack for convenience. This cut looks and cooks up just like a filet, but the bonus is the robust flavor and the low price point. Cut them in half or quarters for fabulous kebabs and grill them; broil them whole wrapped in our world-class bacon for $49; or saute and make a fabulous pan sauce. The Petite Medallion comes from the chuck roll, or shoulder, and has a big beefy flavor. Once you try these, you may never go back to filet!

Burgers are the ultimate fast and easy meal, and ours are just delicious. The Piedmontese Burgers are pre-formed and sold 2 per pack. Order six Burgers for $40, twenty-four for $155, or forty-eight for $305. This is a perfect 5-minute late-night snack.

We thank you for all your support over the year, and so do our farmers. This coming year we will add more farmers and exciting projects to our network, preserving more of the agricultural heritage and traditions that characterize America at its best. The Heritage team wishes you all the very best during the final week of 2010!


The Heritage Team

Heritage Foods USA
The Source for Authentic American Heritage Foods

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