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It is with great joy that we announce cranberry fed pigs. In the spirit of the Spanish tradition of acorn-fed Iberico pigs and peanut-fed American pigs, we are proud to announce the connection between a cranberry producer and one of our favorite farms of all time: Good Farm in Olsburg, Kansas.

Craig and Amy Good once thought of giving up the pork component of their lovely farm located on the rolling hills of Northeast Kansas until they contacted Heritage Foods in 2005. Today the Goods maintain the highest protocols in the nation and they treat their animals like extended family. When taken for sacrifice, the pigs don’t have a worry in the world, because they are with Craig, and are often asleep just before being processed. This is how we know that Craig is an expert farmer and we applaud him for exploring the effect of feed on taste, including with special cranberries!

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One Fresh Cranberry Boneless Boston Butt Roast (about 7.5lbs) – Shipping Included - $92

Two Fresh Cranberry St Louis Rib Slabs (about 6lbs) – packed individually – Shipping Included - $94

One Fresh Cranberry Boneless Boston Butt Roast and One St Louis Rib Slab (about 10.5lbs) – shipping Included  $124

Half a Fresh Cranberry Pork Belly (about 4.5lbs) – Shipping Included -  $54.00

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