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This week, we are lucky enough to bring back the delicious wild sockeye salmon in its frozen form from our friend and fisherman, Christopher Nicholson, and the Iliamna Fish Company.  Fishing out of Bristol Bay, Alaska in the late summer months, this family business of 25 relatives has been out on the Bay’s majestic waters since 1948 and was the first fishery in the US to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

While salmon domestically have grown in popularity in the recent years, the Sockeye Salmon have unfortunately remained under the radar, due in part to the heavy demand from European and Japanese markets that account for about 90% of all Sockeye harvests.   Rather than purchasing less flavorful and less healthy farm-raised salmon, we encourage you to taste the quality of Iliamna’s salmon. Not only will you help a sustainable fishery survive its off months, but also you will be saving the best Sockeye from its disappearance in the American market!

These sockeye come from the deepest part of the Bay, where they are caught using only sustainable techniques.  Their flesh is an explosive red-orange, with a buttery texture, and a slightly sweet taste that developed as they journeyed from salt to fresh water.  Our current batch is from the late Summer 2008 harvest.

Each fish is beheaded, eviscerated, vacuum-sealed, and then flash frozen.  The vacuum seal and flash freezing maintain optimal freshness, preserving their bright color and preventing freezer burn.  ­Now you can enjoy delicious sockeye year round!


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All orders will be shipped via FedEx 2day on Wednesday, April 29th for Friday May, 1st delivery.

One Frozen Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (about 6 lbs each) – Shipping Included - $107 (about $17.83/lb)

Two Frozen Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (about 12 lbs total)– Shipping Included - $189 (about $15.75/lb)

Also from Western waters, and Marine Stewardship Council Certified, try our favorite tuna in the Americas!

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