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We are undertaking an experiment to see if Heritage Foods and its network can move 50 head of beef between now and Memorial Day. If we succeed, we will have launched a model that can in the future help every small beef farmer trying to escape the box beef world of commodity agriculture.

We will sell these grassfed Angus cattle from California in eighths (about 40lbs) in their component parts just like we do with our quarter hogs to mail order customers like you and restaurant chefs. For our beef this will include approximately 10 cuts and cost $9/lb including delivery, $8/lb including delivery in the state of California. This is the most sustainable and cheapest way to buy beef. We hope you will support this new beef program which will arrive to you just in time for Memorial Day - the week of May 18th.

This beef is wet-aged for 3 weeks. It arrives fresh except for the ground, which is frozen.  Please see below for cuts included with each order.

Orders placed by Wednesday at 10 am EST for Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed gifts packages will arrive before Sunday, May 10th. 

Each grassfed Angus cattle share includes:
Two 12-oz bone in Filet Mignon
Two 18-oz Bone-In Ribeye
Two 15-oz New York Strip
Two 12-oz Top Sirloin
Two 16-oz Flat Iron (Chuck)
One 22-oz London Broil
One 32-oz Fajita Strip
Two 32-oz Pkgs. Premium Kabob Meat
Ten 32-oz Pkgs. Ground Beef (Frozen)

And either:

  1. One 28-oz Sirloin Tip
    One 16-oz Round
    One 22-oz Flank or O
    ne 22-oz Tri Tip
  2. One 16-oz Round
    One 29-oz Skirt

Heritage Eighth of a Grassfed Angus Beef (About 40 lbs) Delivered Outside California – Overnight Shipping Included - $360
Heritage Eighth of a Grassfed Angus Beef (About 40 lbs) Delivered in California – Overnight Shipping Included - $320

S. Wallace Edwards & Sons
Bacon and Sausage Breakfast Collection

Our Bacon and Sausage Breakfast Collection from 3rd generation cure master Sam Edwards of  Surry, Virginia includes:

  • Three 12-oz pkgs. of Sliced Heritage Berkshire Bacon
  • Three 12-oz pkgs. of Berkshire Smoked Sausage Links

The bacon is made from lean, ideally marbled Certified Humane Heritage Berkshire pork bellies, dry-cured by hand then patiently smoked in the family smokehouses over smoldering hickory wood for 18 hours.

The sausage is also dry-cured by hand from Certified Humane Heritage Berkshire pork and accented with a hint of sage and packed into tender natural casings before making their way to the smokehouse.

Each 12-oz bacon and sausage package is wrapped individually, cook or freeze as you please!

Orders placed by Wednesday at 10 am EST for Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed gifts packages will arrive before Sunday, May 10th. 

Bacon and Sausage Breakfast Collection – Shipping Included - $60

Clayton’s Heirloom Fruit Preserve Gift Baskets

These Gift Baskets are created especially for Heritage Foods USA! The meticulous planting, preserving and packaging is all done with the help of owner Brenda Smith’s mother, two daughters and two grandchildren!

Heirloom Fruit Preserve Gift Basket #1 – Shipping Included - $55
Includes one 8-oz jar each of:
Red Raspberry, Concord Grape, Peach and Elderberry

The Wild Elderberries are hand picked on the banks of Pine Lake and the surrounding Indiana woodlands and then gently hand washed and removed from the stems before the preserving process begins.

Heirloom Fruit Preserve Gift Basket #2 – Shipping Included - $55
Includes one 8-oz jar each of:
Cherry, Blackberry, Concord Grape and Pear Chutney

The concord grapes are selected off the vine at the peak of their freshness.  The skins are hand slipped, chopped and later added to the cooked pulp, which retains a deep purple/black color and intense fresh flavor, unlike any grape jelly you’ve had before!

Orders placed by Wednesday at 10 am EST for Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed gifts packages will arrive before Sunday, May 10th. 

Lisa is pleased to announce that at long last, her book "Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness" is published and on the shelves. Using a narrative, character-driven style, the book tells the stories of three “unconventional” farmers in East Texas, North Dakota, and New Mexico. Together their tales offer the food system from a farmer’s perspective—what went wrong, where that landed us, and how we can fix it. So far the book has received advance praise from Alice Waters, Wendell Berry, and Kirkus (see below).
Kirkus Reviews, March 15, 2009

Hamilton, Lisa M.
Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness

Journalist Hamilton fashions intimate portraits of three alternative, small-scale farming strategies.

A sensitive, well-versed observer of the American agricultural scene, the author doesn’t come to these vignettes with an agenda; she lets the farmers set the tone and state the purpose of their acts and beliefs. She does this with a subtle knack for getting under the skins of both her subjects and the land they husband, conveying a natural sense of the farmers’ stewardship while painting visceral images of the landscapes on which they work. “All the stories were different,” she writes, “but they had a common thread: these people were dead-set on saving their farms, and knew that in order to do so they had to escape the conventional market.” They eschew the bigger-is-better philosophy of capitalization for reasons of ethics and practicality: They refuse to burden the land with petrochemicals not only because it is inimical to biorhythms and sustainability, but because it is financially ruinous. Hamilton spends time on a dairy farm in East Texas, a ranch/retreat cattle operation in New Mexico and a grain spread in North Dakota. Each one slowly reveals its history and its evolving moral compass. Convictions on how to relate to the land are commonsensical and passionate, high on independence, continuity, purpose, love of place and community. Frugality steers them clear of indebtedness. Hamilton doesn’t strive to make readers love these folks—indeed, they are sometimes pariahs in the communities they wish to foster, because they don’t practice business as usual. She simply ushers us into their everyday existence, offering glimpses of new possibilities in agricultural production and where each may well lead.

A concentrated, evocative look at agricultural methods that place a premium on health and ecology.

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