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Announcing This Year’s Batch of
Surry-ano Ham from Sam Edwards!

Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

In a recent New York Times article, Harold McGee asked, “Have you ever placed a vanishingly thin morsel of rosy meat on your tongue and had it fill your mouth with deepest porkiness, or the aroma of tropical fruits, or caramel, or chocolate? Or all of the above?”

Ladies and gentleman, now you can say that you have!  We could not be more excited to announce the 2009 release of Heritage Surry-ano Ham, only in its 2nd year of production and 400 days in the making, from curemaster Sam Edwards in Surry, Virginia.

When Sam took over the business from his grandfather, he encountered a distinct problem.  Wanting to age hams to an ideal age of 18 months, he couldn’t find the same quality hogs that his grandfather used.  As Sam told the New York Times, “I experimented with the aging and found that my hams had the best flavor at 18 months, but the meat was so lean that they got too salty and dry.” Lucky for him (and us), a chance encounter with Heritage Foods USA, and the rest, as they say, is history…

Sam and his staff have perfected a curing and smoking process that harkens back not only to the traditions of early settlers but also to the more renowned traditions of Italy and Spain.  The story of S. Wallace Edwards & Sons originates in the early twentieth century, when Samuel Wallace Edwards, Sam’s grandfather, began curing and smoking hams for friends and family. 

The hogs used by Samuel Wallace were, essentially, heritage hogs—fed on rich, foliage-based diets—with a high percentage of fat that resulted in incredibly moist, decadent country hams.  And now that same quality exists again!

In limited availability, this ham is available sliced in sets of 4 oz packages with full hams becoming available in about 45 days. 
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to taste a true American original.

To read more about Sam’s delicious ham’s, check out this recent article in the Times by Harold McGee


Patrick Todd Sarah Heather

Sliced Surry-ano Style Heritage Ham (four 4-oz pkgs) – $40 Shipping Included
Sliced Surry-ano Style Heritage Ham (eight 4-oz pkgs) – $78 Shipping Included
Sliced Surry-ano Style Heritage Ham (twelve 4-oz pkgs) –$111 Shipping Included


Heritage Foods USA
The Source for Authentic American Heritage Foods

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