This week cranberry-fed Duroc pigs are ready for their close up! 

This is the second of two experiments conducted by our friend and farmer Craig Good in Olsburg, Kansas involving feeding pigs fruit. These pigs consumed 1 pound of dried cranberries everyday for the past 2 months! By feeding the pigs fruit, we are increasing the anti-oxidant content of their diet by about 30-50% and taking inspiration from the Europeans who have been doing this for centuries.

If the cranberry experiment is anything like the plum fed project from two weeks ago, this pork should be magnificent!

Reports from chefs about our plum-fed pork include:
“It was delicious and we partnered the pork with beautiful early sweet plums from the Greenmarket” – Chef Corwin Kave – Fatty Crab in NYC
“It tasted high in tannin” Chef Dan Sweeney of Lidia’s in Kansas City
“I could detect a light citrus flavor in the pork and it was delicious” Chef Anthony Gentile, Gentile Market in NYC
“The flavor was good and the plum made the pork leaner” Chef Cruz of Lupa in NYC

The pigs loved the cranberries as Craig could see by the way they fought to get to the feeder. These pigs were always on the lookout for more cranberries!

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This week we are featuring from the cranberry supply:
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Boneless Picnic Shoulder (ave 5 lbs) - $77

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Pick Your Favorite Breed!

In keeping with this week’s focus on taste, we are offering a fresh pork porterhouse chop variety pack including Duroc, Berkshire Certified Humane®, and Red Wattle.

The pork variety pack is a chance to try the same cut from our three heritage breeds. The Duroc is an American breed, the Berkshire can be traced back to England and the Red Wattle originally hails from the South Pacific. Taste each one, see how different they are from one another and determine your favorite based off flavor, tenderness, consistency, and juiciness.

Once you have completed the tasting, please fill out the questionnaire below and receive 10% off your next order!

Preserving diversity in the food supply is important for a myriad of reasons. We hope you will join us in pinpointing the differences between breeds of pork so that more people can come to know the qualities inherent in each!

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