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Since 2002 a partnership between Heritage Foods USA and Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch has led to one of the greatest conservation success stories of this decade and a future for the most delicious tasting turkey in America.

By buying a Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch Heritage Turkey you are supporting a network of independent growers, preserving endangered lines of turkey breeds that you must eat in order to save, and ensuring humane animal treatment: our turkey farms are the first to receive Animal Welfare Institute’s Animal Welfare Approved certification. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says AWI is “The gold standard for how farm animals should be taken care of.”

The New York Times’ Kim Severson writes of Frank Reese, leader of Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch: “Only someone with a trained eye can pick the best toms and hens to breed and Mr. Reese is considered the best of the few people in the country who can do it. He is also the only one with a flock whose genetic line can be traced back to the late 1800s.” In that same New York Times November 7th, 2007 article Severson writes: “Although these breeds make up far less than one percent of the 265 million turkeys produced in America last year, many chefs consider them the best thing to eat on Thanksgiving. Turkeys like Mr. Reese’s take much longer to grow than mass-produced ones. Thus, they develop more fat and a robust flavor.”

For 2008, Heritage Turkeys arrive Tuesday, November 25th via FedEx Standard Overnight and tracking updates will be sent via e-mail. Heritage Turkeys are never frozen, include neck and giblets, and come with a traceability certificate that states the turkey farm where it was raised. By knowing the farm it is possible to guess the breed although we cannot be sure which breed you receive.

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