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Surryano is now available in a larger form, perfect to cut into slivers any time of the day. A sliver is all you need and, like with prosciutto, these hams don’t go bad because of the way they are cured (just wrap in cheese cloth or saran-wrap and leave in fridge and they will last for months).

As Harold McGee wrote in a New York Times article, “These hams are so flavorful that an ounce will give you 10 mouth-filling bites…They’re worth every milligram and dime.” Just imagine what you can do with a boneless whole or half ham!

These hams speak not only to the rich culture of Virginia curing but also to the unique ways in which indigenous and colonial food preservation traditions came together with modern technologies to create something new. Sam’s Surryano relies on legs from Heritage Foods USA and a carefully controlled production process. 

Released only once a year and in limited numbers, Surryano ham has been at least 400 days in the making! We are honored to
work with Sam and appreciate his investment in our farmers.


Whole Boneless Surryano Ham (7-10lbs)
Shipping Included - $145
Half Boneless Surryano Ham (3-6lbs)
Shipping Included - $90

Please allow 1 week for delivery.



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Burning Down the House took architecture once again to new heights, discussing Architectural Education and the themes of passion, obsession and ideas with Pratt University students Eric Moed and Brian Schulman. Zak and Jori talked beer once again with one of the smartest brewers in the world: Garett Oliver – no one should miss this interview on Urban Foragers! Severine talked about keeping bees on Greenhorn Radio, a show gaining in popularity every day.

The Main Course had a fascinating conversation with James Oliver Curry of www.Epicurious.com, the site that archives all recipes from Conde Nast. On the Q Report Patrick and Mark were joined by Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker Mark Mori, who told us about his new film called Bettie Page Reveals All.


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