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Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we offer a variety of Pawpaws, only harvested during a two week window in the month of September. In addition we will be premiering new cuts of grass-fed beef packages from our friends at White Oak Pastures. Check out the Heritage Radio Network Archives latest Farm Report conversation with Pawpaw authority Neil Peterson and Monday’s Edible Communities program which features grilling tips for grass-fed meats!

And of course our most important project of the year, Heritage Turkeys are now for sale!

As you probably know already, the Heritage Turkey Project is our most important project of the year. Since 2003 Heritage Foods USA has partnered with Good Shepherd Turkey farmers to create a market for heritage turkeys that taste spectacular and which represent a genetic legacy and a cultural patrimony that industrial agriculture has ignored. The Turkey Project is the cornerstone of many other farm-based projects including our efforts to preserve pig and chicken varieties, wild salmon and a myriad of other uncommon foods that we must create a market for and eat in order to save. To help us, we ask that you please consider reserving your Thanksgiving turkey early.

There are fewer birds than there have been for many years so we recommend reserving your bird early. Cancellations and refunds and address changes can be made through November 16th. Turkeys will arrive Tuesday November 24th via overnight FedEx.

Our turkey numbers are light this year for two main reasons. One is that the farmers of Good Shepherd Ranch will keep aside many breeding Toms to increase supply for next year. Also, the slaughterhouse, which serviced Good Shepherd for four years has closed due to the economy, leaving a hole that will be filled by many smaller processors around the Midwest.  By rallying around our turkey farmers this year, we will give Good Shepherd an opportunity to focus on becoming independent from the whims of other processing units; they will soon begin developing a new slaughterhouse of their own just a few miles from their farm that will exist to service only their needs and the particular needs of heritage poultry in the future.

Four breeds of turkeys are available for sale this Thanksgiving 2009: the Standard American Bronze, the Black Turkey, the Narragansett, and the Bourbon Red. While it’s not possible to pick a breed, you will be told which breed you receive. All are delicious!

Stay tuned for more information about these very special birds in the coming weeks.

Heritage turkeys are never frozen and arrive the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 24th via FedEx overnight.

Cancellations and refunds and address changes can be made through November 16th.

We recommend about one pound of turkey per person.

Shipping is included on all orders.

Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 8 – 10 lbs - $119
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 10.1-12 lbs – $129
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 12.1-14 lbs – $149
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 14.1-16 lbs – $169
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 16.1-18 lbs – $179
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 18.1-20 lbs – $189
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 20.1-22 lbs – $199




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On a very special Farm Report, expert Neil Peterson, informs listeners of the history and future of the largest fruit native to America: the Pawpaw.  Neil’s interview airs just 2 weeks before this indigenous fruit is ready for harvest, occurring only during the month of September.   

Eat to the Beat was all about country music in New York, as guest Michelle Lopez shared a collection of community based organizations and events for those who love the twang. Severine Von Tscharner Fleming continued her look into the world of young farming with guest Amy Franceschini.

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