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  • Heritage turkeys are now on sale. Why heritage turkeys are important, why they are on sale so early and why they are more expensive than industrially raised birds!
  • Our top 5 reasons why we hope you will sign up for Newman University – September 26-28th, 2008.
  • New breed of heritage rabbit available fresh this week.
  • Become a volunteer for Slow Food Nation – San Francisco, Labor Day weekend.

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Dear Heritage Foods Supporter,

Our heritage turkeys were hatched in Frank Reese’s hatchery in the months of February, March and April. They have been roaming the fields of Kansas ever since, eating feed and drinking water that Frank’s farmers have dutifully supplied. By making them available for sale starting in August the turkeys are an example of community supported agriculture where consumers invest in a farm project to help the farmer sustain some of the costs as the food is readied for harvest.

Because turkeys raised naturally and outdoors take 26 weeks to grow (rather than 14 weeks in confinement) pre-sales are an assurance to the farmers that all their hard work and investment will be rewarded. If for whatever reason your turkey does not arrive, your credit card will be reimbursed. Cancellations and address changes can be made through Monday, November 10th.

We recommend one pound per serving meaning that your holiday main course will cost approximately $11 per person including shipping. A $10 discount is reflected on all whole turkey prices through Labor Day. 

Frank’s turkeys are the only turkeys in the United States whose genetic line can be traced back to the late 1800s and they therefore have a unique taste that’s hard to beat. By buying a Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch Heritage Turkey you are supporting a network of independent growers, preserving endangered lines of turkey breeds that you must eat in order to save, and ensuring humane animal treatment: our turkey farms are the first to receive Animal Welfare Institute’s Animal Welfare Approved certification. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says AWI is “The gold standard for how farm animals should be taken care of.”

Turkeys arrive Tuesday November 25th.

Bone-in Heritage Turkey Breast 4-6 lbs – Shipping Included - $84
Bone-in Heritage Turkey Breast 6-8 lbs – Shipping Included - $99
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 8-10 lbs – Shipping Included - $119
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 10.1-12 lbs – Shipping Included - $129
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 12.1-14 lbs – Shipping Included - $149
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 14.1-16 lbs – Shipping Included - $169
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 16.1-18 lbs – Shipping Included - $179
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 18.1-20 lbs – Shipping Included - $189
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 20.1-22 lbs – Shipping Included - $199
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 22.1-24 lbs – Shipping Included - $209


  1. Agri-tourism is a fun way to learn about farm life by living on a farm.
  2. On Saturday September 26 we will visit the Myrtle, Missouri Yesterday’s Festival which is described as: Old time Southern traditions are put on center stage at this annual event featuring bluegrass music, a pig scramble, log sawing and horseshoe pitching contests, demonstrations like the art of churning butter, the display of classic cars and more.
  3. You will get to witness the life of the pig, from birth to butchering.
  4. The food will be spectacular including a whole hog roast, homemade Southern recipes, and charcuterie from some of the best curers in the United States.
  5. Just before arriving to the farm, you will visit Sun Studio, where rock and roll was born, and eat some of the best BBQ Memphis has to offer!

or call us to receive a Newman University packet in the mail: 212-980-6603.


Two rare breeds of FRESH heritage rabbit from the Rare Hare Barn in Leon, Kansas are available for arrival this Friday, August 22nd.

The American and Silver Fox rabbits are two of the most critically endangered rabbit breeds listed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Both breeds have excellent meat eating qualities: the deep loin muscle of the Silver Fox provides a good proportion of meat, while the American is known for its delicate taste and fine texture.

As Callene and Eric Rapp work hard to increase populations and awareness of rare breeds of heritage rabbit, Heritage Foods aims to learn more about the distinctive qualities of taste between the breeds; information that will help further progress a demand for and interest in the breeding and marketing of heritage rabbit as a sustainable protein.

Order now through Wednesday at 5 pm EST for FRESH delivery this Friday, August 22nd via FedEx standard overnight.

Two Rare-breed Heritage Rabbits (about 5 lbs) - Overnight Shipping Included - $121

Four Rare-breed Heritage Rabbits (about 10 lbs) - Overnight Shipping Included - $210

Heritage Foods USA is participating in Slow Food Nation, the largest food show ever in North America that will unite the growing sustainable food movement and introduce thousands of people to food from around the country that is good, clean and fair.  The event is organized by Slow Food USA and will take place on Labor Day weekend 2008 in San Francisco.

Heritage Foods USA will host four adjacent booths in the “Slow on the Go” pavilion of Slow Food Nation, an area within the Civic Center Plaza, that pays homage to how slow food can be fast and affordable too. Here visitors are able to purchase any one of four menu items featuring Heritage Foods’ American Charcuterie.

American Charcuterie is a celebration of domestic terroir, time-honored traditions and the handcrafted techniques of a vibrant culture in the United States. Heritage Foods USA works with small family farms that continue to pasture-raise historic breeds of livestock; the company offers these uncommonly delicious meats to the great chefs, master curers and enthusiastic home cooks around the country.

Heritage Foods needs your help to make Slow Food Nation a huge success and ensure its long-lasting effects! Please consider volunteering your time at one of our American Charcuterie booths. While helping a wonderful cause, you will enjoy exquisite foods and meet extraordinary people including curers Armandino Batali and Sam Edwards and chefs like Scott Peacock of Watershed Restaurant in Atlanta.
Your participation will demonstrate a commitment to promoting small, independent farmers and a diverse food supply.  See below for a description of the menu item at each booth.

Details: Heritage Foods’ four American Charcuterie stands will each represent a distinct type of cured meat from the U.S., each with its own rich tradition and particular origin and prepared in a way that especially matches the products’ characteristics. Slow Food Nation projects that each stand will serve 750 servings per day for the three days we are in operation.   The stands are open to the public from 11 am to 4 pm.  We have two shifts each accounting for the extra time it takes to set-up and/or breakdown. Our morning shifts begins at 8am and ends at 1pm while the second shift begins at 12:30pm and ends at 5:30pm. Shifts include food makers, runners and cashiers.

Would you like to volunteer?  Yes! Please fill in your name and contact number within the box below, selecting the shift and the day you are available.  Indicate if you have a strong preference for a particular stand (of the four listed below) or specific position (food maker, runner or cashier). We will try our best to accommodate. 

Heritage Foods USA American Charcuterie Booths
“Slow on the Go”

1. Salumi's Heritage Muffa - $7
Armandino Batali and his children make small-batch charcuterie and manage a tiny, bustling sandwich shop in Seattle called Salumi Artisan Cured Meats. Our version of their muffa is made with Salumi’s traditional ginger and garlic salami or with the spicy, intense mole salami and fresh mozzarella on a rustic roll spread with an olive oil tapenade, peppers and onions. Salumi supports small family farmers by purchasing pork that is sustainably raised outdoors through Heritage Foods USA.

2. Salumeria Standard - $6
Salumeria Biellese has been making sausages and salamis on the west side of New York City for three generations since 1925.  Salumeria continues the ancient tradition of natural fermentation and minimally processed techniques and sources family-raised fresh pork from Eden Farm and Heritage Foods USA.  The Salumeria Standard sandwich has coppa, soppressatta and provolone and is lightly dressed.

3. Surry-ano Red Eye - $6
The Edwards family has been curing hams and bellies in Surry, Virginia for three generations since 1926. Edwards’ ham has been aged for no less than 18 months and is served with a creamy, coffee-based red-eye gravy inspired by Momofuku Restaurant in NYC.  Edwards of Surry, Virginia is at the forefront of the sustainable food movement thanks to their use of Heritage Foods USA Certified Humaner® hams from Newman Farm in Myrtle, Missouri.

4. Scott Peacock's Ham Biscuits - $6
The beloved southern snack is perfected by Scott Peacock the chef and owner of Watershed in Decatur, Georgia. The fresh biscuit is powered by Benton's Smoky Mountain Country Ham, hickory smoked and aged for no less than 16 months to achieve the proper intensity and complexity of flavor. Two ham biscuits come with a spread of handmade butter, Georgia strawberry and sugared wild blackberry. Benton's Hams, in the heart of rural Madisonville, Tennessee, has been a family business since 1947 and was one of the first curers in America to begin sourcing sustainably raised Berkshire pork from the network of family farms of Heritage Foods USA.

“Slow on the Go”
Location: Civic Center Plaza | Friday, August 29 - Sunday, August 31; 11am - 4pm

Heritage Foods USA Volunteer Sign-up: 

Friday, August 29th Name Tel & E-mail
8:00 am 1:00 pm    
12:30 pm to 5:30 pm    

Saturday, August 30th Name Tel & E-mail
8:00 am 1:00 pm    
12:30 pm to 5:30 pm    

Sunday, August 31st Name Tel & E-mail
8:00 am 1:00 pm    
12:30 pm to 5:30 pm    

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