Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,
We are just back from a wonderful weekend in San Francisco where Slow Food Nation brought in about 60,000 people who tasted some of the best food the country has to offer. While we will provide a more detailed report of the event next week, including how our Heritage team produced over 6,000 sandwiches in three days, we did want to include in this email some early pictures from the excellent weekend.
We also wanted to remind you that paw paws go on sale next week! The paw paw is the largest native American fruit and it only blossoms a few weeks in September! And of course we are now selling turkeys, our most important project each year. If you haven’t already purchased your bird, please do so soon as they are in limited supply. Also, read below about the launch of Edible Manhattan.

Heritage Turkeys are never frozen, includes neck and giblets, and comes with a traceability certificate that states the turkey farm where your turkey is from. Calculate one pound per person.
Bone-in Heritage Turkey Breast 4-6 lbs – Shipping Included - $84
Bone-in Heritage Turkey Breast 6-8 lbs – Shipping Included - $99

Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 8-10 lbs – Shipping Included - $129
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 10.1-12 lbs – Shipping Included - $139
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 12.1-14 lbs – Shipping Included - $159
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 14.1-16 lbs – Shipping Included - $179
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 16.1-18 lbs – Shipping Included - $189
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 18.1-20 lbs – Shipping Included - $199
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 20.1-22 lbs – Shipping Included - $209
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 22.1-24 lbs – Shipping Included - $219


New Yorkers get your appetites ready. Published six times a year and available throughout the city, Edible Manhattan will peel back the curtain on all that's devoured, delivered and even dug in the most delicious city in the world.

From Madison Avenue food jingles that play across the country to bahn mi downtown, from LaGuardia's love of hot dogs to the bodegas up and down Broadway, we'll taste Manhattan.

Edible isn't just essential reading for the locavore who gathers Central Park ginkgos, sips Long Island wine, sears Hudson Valley beef, and swoons for Keith's heirloom tomatoes. It's a beacon for any Gotham citizen who loves his town and her food.

Find Edible Manhattan at Whole Foods Markets, Barnes & Noble, Borders and wherever magazines are sold, or subscribe at

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