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Paw Paws are on sale this week and next – read below! Also in this newsletter you will find announcements about upcoming foods and projects that are sure to excite your palate and your mind including Heritage Poultry, Heritage Radio, the book Slow Business, Heritage Agri-tourism, a report on Slow Food Nation and a picture of our ad in the first edition of Edible Manhattan. We hope you will be a part of it all!



For the third year in a row we have the opportunity to offer you sweet pawpaws from Jim Davis’ Deeprun Pawpaw Orchard in Westminster, Maryland. According to Jim the 6 varieties of fruit are spectacular this year (in part thanks to a new irrigation system preventing unsatisfactory harvests due to lack of rainwater). Pawpaws are the largest native North American fruit and only grow in the Atlantic States region in the month of September.
All Pawpaws are shipped overnight on Thursday to arrive on Friday September 19th or 26th  (please choose your preferred delivery date using the scroll down menu upon checkout).

You will receive a 10 lb box (about 12 – 15 pieces of fruit) of the following 6 individually wrapped and labeled pawpaw varieties:

Susquehanna – sweet, mild
Alleghany – sweet, mild
Overleese – sweet and fruity
Shenandoah – sweet tasting, fruity flavor
Pennsylvania Gold – Stronger flavor
Taytoo – Stronger flavor

10 lbs of Pawpaws (about 12 – 15 fruit) – Overnight Shipping Included - $114.


At no other point in time has buying a heritage turkey been more important. Small family farms are going out of business everyday thanks to soaring grain and gas costs while commodity companies are fueling another “Year of the Recall”. By buying early, you are reserving a turkey that is in limited supply, assuring the farmer that his turkeys will have a home come the holiday, and obtaining the best turkeys on the planet!

Bone-in Heritage Turkey Breast 4-6 lbs – Shipping Included - $84
Bone-in Heritage Turkey Breast 6-8 lbs – Shipping Included - $99

Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 8-10 lbs – Shipping Included - $129
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 10.1-12 lbs – Shipping Included - $139
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 12.1-14 lbs – Shipping Included - $159
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 14.1-16 lbs – Shipping Included - $179
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 16.1-18 lbs – Shipping Included - $189
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 18.1-20 lbs – Shipping Included - $199
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 20.1-22 lbs – Shipping Included - $209
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 22.1-24 lbs – Shipping Included - $219

Calculate one pound per person.

Stay tuned for news on a weekly fresh heritage chicken supply and a poultry university for young breeders and hobby farmers – all on Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch. Remember, December is duck and goose month - pre-ordering for the original foie-gras goose and the duck that Prince Charles chooses will happen soon.


Final touches are being made to the two recycled shipping containers that will house Heritage Radio. Starting in October, you can visit to stream fascinating interviews of the chefs who are driving the sustainable food movement. If you are in the NYC area, come visit us as we broadcast live on Sundays from noon-four EST, while you dine on the delicious pizza and heritage pork chop at Roberta’s Restaurant (261 Moore Street). 

Heritage Radio will feature a Food News Report that covers weekly news from The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Sacramento Bee, New Orleans Times Picayune, Los Angeles Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Kansas City Star and Portland Oregonian. A Farm Report will feature reports from this country’s greatest small farmers. The Q Report (Quotidian Qulture) will cover the everyday aspects of a heritage life.

Heritage Radio is made possible by the generous contributions of Hearst Ranch, TekServe and Chez Panisse. To become a sponsor click here.


In early 2009 look out for a new book by Patrick and Sarah called Slow Business.

In the meantime, please enjoy this brief excerpt that celebrates a new definition for the word “slow”.

Ever since the eighteenth century to be slow was to obstruct progress, civilization, and even the cosmos’s evolutionary tendency. Nature’s secrets were unlocked and we discovered her quicksilver side: electricity, the speed of light, the incomprehensible whirl of subatomic particles. We built our civilization upon the assumption that speed is equivalent to efficiency and that efficiency is equivalent to “saving” time, as if the seconds can be hoarded and “spent” later. The locomotive gave way to the automobile and airplane, the telegram prepared us for the FAX machine and then the Internet. Progress was good. Faster was better.

Thanks in part to Slow Food, our culture has reevaluated “slow.”  Now, “taking time” can be as worthwhile as “saving” it. Without challenging the value of efficiency, we now recognize a more sophisticated understanding of efficiency; it is an understanding that, perhaps unsurprisingly, returns our culture to a respect for natural rhythms. The fast-faster-fastest emphasis of commodity culture, coupled with the relentlessness of globalization, fills our world with both frenzy and crap. Many companies have moved faster than their ability to produce decent product. Witness 2007: the “Year of the Recall.”  Factory farming, mad cow disease, and e-coli spread when reckless speed and profit-seeking trump more endearing, but slower, values. When consumers are dying, the environment is being ravished, worker rights are compromised, and community bonds are dissolving as a consequence of our fast-faster-fastest method of doing business, the results can hardly be construed as efficient.


We still have a few spots left to the next edition of Newman Farm University. If you can get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life for three days you are sure have an experience you will never forget. To attend you would need to fly into Memphis the morning of Friday, September 26th and out of Memphis the morning of Monday, September 29th and leave the rest to us!

Click here to read the full brochure. Or call us at 212-980-6603 with questions.

We at Heritage Foods USA are so pumped (and expect to be for quite some time) about the outpouring of positive energy at Slow Food Nation, that we wish to share with you additional sentiments and photos of our four Slow on the Go booths.

Carlo Petrini, Italian founder of Slow Food, is said to have walked the magically transformed Civic Center Plaza with tears of joy. Armandino Batali from Seattle, WA noted that while each venue was impressive, Slow on the Go was particularly alive and Sam Edwards from Surry, VA was amazed with the sheer number of people that attended the event, the many producers working towards similar goals and the many others who appeared genuinely interested in slow food.

Heritage Foods is proud to have showcased a broad spectrum of culinary jewels from areas across the country to the 25,000 happy customers that strolled the stalls through looking for a delicious lunch on the run.

To pull it off, we enlisted the help of folks all along the food chain, making the Slow on the Go booths a true "meating" of the minds.  Below are the dozens of chefs, farmers, butcher, meat curers, and friends and family that volunteered their time and talent to make Heritage Foods USA at Slow Food Nation a resounding success.

Jake Alexander
Zach Allen
Alex Badiak
Armandino & Marilyn Batali
Todd Beckwith
Anita Bonderer
Kami Bremyer
Nicole Brisson
Vincent Carrazana
Sophie Chanu
Gigi Christensen
Matt Cyrulink
Kevin Eckert
Sam and Donna Edwards
Teresa Fantasma
Nick Fantasma
Georgia Green
Barbara Haimes
Jeremy Hirsch
Paul Kimi
Shuna Fish Lydon
Josh McFadden
Cynthia Meyers
Jennifer Moless
David Newman
Kristen Newman
Mark Newman
Jason Neve
Rita Newman
Meg Nordin
Julie Nutter
John Obraitis
Scott Peacock
Adrian Redding
Lydia Reissmueller
Scottie from Cafe Rouge
Charlie from Café Rouge
Marsha McBride
Lauren Raymond
Doug Taylor
Tony from Kokkari
Rito from Evvia
Jim from Evvia
Tristan Steinberg
Mary Switlik
Bala & Jose of Preferred Meats
Staffan Terje of Perbacco
Sylvan Brackett of Chez Panisse
Shari Hansen from Dominic Phillips
Emilio Mitidieri of
Taylor Boetticher & Co. of Fatted Calf
Samin of Eccolo
Cynthia of Clover Stornetta
Maria Walcutt
John Handley from Party Electrics
Doug Murray, the Master Electrician
Paul Arenstam of Americano Restaurant & Bar
Peter Erikson of 1550 Hyde
Alber Katz of Katz Olive Oil
Jackie & Pierre of Panorama Bread
The guy who got Heather the Phil Lesh tickets


Check out our new ad in the first issue of Edible Manhattan. If you haven’t seen the Edible Magazines you should find one near you as there are over 50 regions of the country with their own edition.

New Yorkers get your appetites ready. Published six times a year and available throughout the city, Edible Manhattan will peel back the curtain on all that's devoured, delivered and even dug in the most delicious city in the world. From Madison Avenue food jingles that play across the country to bahn mi downtown, from LaGuardia's love of hot dogs to the bodegas up and down Broadway, we'll taste Manhattan. Edible isn't just essential reading for the locavore who gathers Central Park ginkgos, sips Long Island wine, sears Hudson Valley beef, and swoons for Keith's heirloom tomatoes. It's a beacon for any Gotham citizen who loves his town and her food. (Find Edible Manhattan at Whole Foods Markets, Barnes & Noble, Borders and wherever magazines are sold, or subscribe at

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