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The Pawpaw is the largest edible fruit that is native to the United States.  Pawpaws are indigenous to the 26 states in the US, in a range extending from northern Florida to southern Ontario and as far west as eastern Nebraska.  They have provided delicious and nutritious food for Native Americans, European explorers, settlers and wild animals.  They are still being enjoyed in modern America, chiefly in rural areas.  There are 27+ varieties currently available.

Most enthusiasts agree that the best way to enjoy pawpaws is to eat them raw, outdoors, picked from the tree when they are perfectly ripe.  Or simply cutting the fruit in half, and using a spoon, scoop out the flesh and discard the seeds.  But there are also numerous ways to use them in the kitchen and extend the enjoyment of their tropical flavor beyond the end of the harvest season.

The unique flavor of the fruit resembles a blend of various tropical flavors, including banana, pineapple and mango.  The flavor and custard-like texture make pawpaws a good substitute for bananas in almost any recipe.  The common names, ‘poor man’s banana’, ‘American custard apple’, and ‘Kentucky banana’ reflect these qualities.

Pawpaw’s beautiful maroon colored flowers appear in the spring changing to clusters of fruit, which ripen in the fall.  The pawpaw harvest season is from late August to mid-October.  Ripeness can be gauged by squeezing gently, as you would judge a peach.  The flesh would be soft, and the fruit should have a strong pleasant aroma.  The skin color of ripe fruit on the tree ranges from green to yellow and dark flecks may appear as on bananas.  The skin of the picked or fallen fruit may darken to brown or black.

The fully ripe pawpaws last only a few days at room temperature, but may be kept for a week in the refrigerator.  The fruit to be consumed that day should be allowed to finish ripening at room temperature.  Ripe pawpaw flesh, with skin and seeds removed, can be pureed and frozen for later use.  (Do not eat the skin or seeds) some people even freeze whole fruits.

Pawpaws are a very nutritious fruit.  They are high in vitamin C, magnesium, iron copper, and manganese.  They are a good source of potassium and several essential amino acids and they also contain significant amounts of riboflavin, niacin, calcium, phosphorus and zinc.  Pawpaws contain these nutrients in amounts that are generally about the same as or greater then those found in bananas, apples and oranges.

All Pawpaws are shipped via FedEx overnight on Thursday to arrive Friday September 26th.

You will receive a 10 lb box (about 12 – 15 pieces of fruit) of the following 6 individually wrapped and labeled pawpaw varieties:

  • Susquehanna – sweet, mild
  • Alleghany – sweet, mild
  • Overleese – sweet and fruity
  • Shenandoah – sweet tasting, fruity flavor
  • Pennsylvania Gold – Stronger flavor
  • Taytoo – Stronger flavor

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10 lbs of Pawpaws (about 12 – 15 fruit) - $114
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Bone-in Heritage Turkey Breast 4-6 lbs – Shipping Included - $84
Bone-in Heritage Turkey Breast 6-8 lbs – Shipping Included - $99

Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 8-10 lbs – Shipping Included - $129
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 10.1-12 lbs – Shipping Included - $139
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 12.1-14 lbs – Shipping Included - $159
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 14.1-16 lbs – Shipping Included - $179
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 16.1-18 lbs – Shipping Included - $189
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 18.1-20 lbs – Shipping Included - $199
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 20.1-22 lbs – Shipping Included - $209
Thanksgiving Heritage Turkey 22.1-24 lbs – Shipping Included - $219

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